Friday, December 21, 2012

A Gift to the World

I love this time of year!  The spirit of Christmas is so wonderful.  I especially love the spirit of giving.  I am so excited to spend these next few days with our families celebrating.  I used to be sad as I got older because it seemed like the magic of Christmas faded but now I recognize that even if the magic fades the spirit has only grown stronger.  The excitement of presents had definitely lessened, but the joy I get from the little things has grown.  I love the music, lights, food, family, friends, and giving to others.  
I really loved watching this video, it makes my heart swell and is the greatest part of Christmas in my mind.  No presents can compare to the gift of my savior.  
Merry Christmas Everyone!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

My giggly 7 month old

As always I am late with this post, but the 7 month mark has hit!  This little guy is growing so fast and getting more and more handsome.  He has a third tooth breaking through and the gums are very swollen.    
He is still not mobile yet but we still have begun to baby proof in ways we never expected. Anything within a one foot radius of us will either be drooled on, thrown on the floor, or banged to death.  This includes cell phones, lap tops, food, Mozzie, pretty much anything and everything.  You learn to baby proof your life in ways you never thought of.  For example after I got out of high school I never imagined I would have to hide my phone while texting, or playing games..but I do it constantly now!  I always try to text literally behind Liams back so that he wont grab my phone and drool all over it.  I have accepted it is only a matter of time before it breaks from drool.  He gets very frustrated if he does see my phone and I won't let him have it.  I have tried giving him older phones and they just won't do.  It has to be the phone that is in my hand at that exact moment or the world will end!
The past few weeks have been a blast though.  Liam is such a happy little guy that loves to play and laugh.  He is still very much a daddy's boy but loves to dance and play with mom when dad's at work.  We especially love to jump up and down to songs like gangnam style.  Liam laughs so hard and if you have heard his laugh you can't help but laugh too. 
Liam's got a pretty awesome sleeping schedule down and it is the bomb!  I cannot express my gratitude to this little heavenly boy for being a good sleeper.  
We are just trying to enjoy every single day with him because time is going faster and faster and I am realizing I literally cant take one second for granted.    
Here are some pics of him at 7 months.  He was a little tired when we took him but I got one good smile showing his cute bottom teeth.  

Monday, December 17, 2012

Opinion: I think I'll leave my skirt on

I have recently heard of a feminist movement by some of the women in the LDS church.  Apparently they feel the gender roles in the church are too rigid for them and they need to make a statement by wearing pants to church last Sunday. It really makes me sad that some women feel this way and are choosing to act out in this manner.  A few thoughts...
1. Yes we typically wear skirts and dresses to church.  This is not because the men insist on it.  We have woman leaders in the church as well and I am pretty much 100% positive they would recommend the same thing.  Also if you have ever paid attention you would probably notice they recommend a dress code for the men as well.  Have you ever seen an Elder in a florescent shirt and purple pants?  Doubtful.  This is because we "choose" to represent our savior as well as ourselves.  The best way to do this is not by being overly outrageous in our dress but simple, tasteful, and modest.
2.   Our church meetings are for worshiping our Savior not for your own agenda.  The sacrament is for renewing our covenants we made at baptism and is sacred.  Christ should be the sole focus, not clothing.
3.  If you have an understanding of this gospel I am not sure how this is even a discussion.  Our faith continuously highlights the importance of woman in the church and how wonderful they are.  In the Daughters of Our Kingdom manual pg 143 Gordon B. Hinckley said,
"Let me say to you sisters that you do not hold a second place in our Father's plan for the eternal happiness and well-being of His children.  You are an absolutely essential part of that plan.  Without you the plan could not function.  Without you the entire program would be frustrated...
Each of you is a daughter of God, endowed with a divine birthright.  You need no defense of that position...
There is strength and great capacity in the women of this Church.  There is leadership and direction, a certain spirit of independence, and yet great satisfaction in being a part of this the Lord's kingdom, and of working hand in hand with the priesthood to move it forward."
Our role as woman in the church is of great importance.  I know our leaders love and support us and would never wish for us to feel inferior to them.  We are to work together to bring this great work forth and to serve one another.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Coming Home to Avert Disaster!

On our arrival home from Thanksgiving I walked into the house and yelled back at Jason, "somethings wrong!"  As soon as I walked in it felt like I opened an oven door and all the hot hair overwhelms you!  Typically in Logan when people head out of town they are afraid their pipes will freeze and break, then flood your home.  We had the exact opposite.  Our furnace wigged out and the heater ran on full blast non-stop for I don't know how long.  The thermostat couldn't even read the temperature in the house because it was too hot, but I am estimating somewhere over 110 degrees.  It was really a weird experience because literally everything was hot!  The tile on the floor felt like walking on hot sand, the counter tops and walls felt heated, the carpet felt like it was just pulled out of the dryer, but I do have to say I enjoy a heated toilet seat!  At first I got a huge pit in my stomach thinking about the massive gas bill heading our way, but putting things in perspective we are so blessed our home didn't burn down! It took two days to completely cool off the house and as of now the furnace has been working fine. Just to be safe we are having the heating specialist come look at everything and hopefully explain to us how this happened.  Here are some pics of the evidence.

Our bathroom was the hottest room in the house, so our little bamboo plant that we have had since we got married sadly died!   

 The heat changed the pressure too so all the bottles and such in our bathroom were swollen and some looked like this bottle of hand soap.  

Most the water in the toilet evaporated.  

 My candles were all completely melted.

 My waxing pot was melted and ready to go.  

This large candle was also melted.

I just found this yesterday while looking through decorations.  These are not even real candles, they are the ones with the battery operated lights.  I couldn't believe they melted because they are a combo of wax and plastic, and I am pretty sure the whole point of them is so they wont melt.  The funny part is that it still turns on!  ha crazy.

Well I am grateful we still have a home and hope this never happens again.  If your reading this I am interested if you have ever heard of this happening before?  If so do you know why?  

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving Recap

Thanks giving was so much fun.  There is nothing better than food, family, and play!  This year we headed down to St. George for a fun filled Nelson Thanksgiving.  Some of the highlights were going shooting, rollerskating at the Veyo roller rink, visiting Pine Valley, and of course lots of yummy food.  Jason and I made mashed potatoes for the first time ever and they were delicious.  I was so proud!
Here are some pics of our adventures.
 3 of the 6 Nelson brothers.  

Oh Hey handsome...( :

 Learning to shoot skeets.  Jason threw it a little too far left ha..

The Nelson girls!  

 So much excitement, Liam needed lots of naps.  I love this pic because you can see his cute two teeth so well!  He sure does love his thumb.

We got to visit Great Grandpa Putnam in Pine Valley.  It is he first time I have ever been and it was one of the most beautiful places in Utah in my opinion.  I loved it.

 On our pine valley walk Cole wanted to push Liam in his stroller.  Such a great little cousin!  

We stopped by Jason's child hood home in Veyo and on the basketball court the family's hand prints are still there.  This is Jason's foot and hand print from when he was 4 years old.

 Visiting Great Grandpa Nelson In Veyo, Ut.
 4 Generations
  I think Liam likes Great Grandpa's hat.

Roller skating is a big deal in the Nelson family.  Great Grandpa Nelson owned two roller rinks in St. George so all the family does it and there kids.  It was fun to see how good all the Aunts and Uncles were. They have there own roller skates and everything. 
Even Liam got a turn at the rink.  Uncle Launie took him around, but I think he was a little nervous. 
 View from the Ridge!  Thanks Grandpa P for letting us stay there, it's always a blast!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My handsome 6 Month Old!

Six months have flown by so fast!  My sweet little baby boy has gotten so big but definitely just as cute!  I just wish time would slow down just a little bit!!!
 The last couple months we have been introducing new foods.  It always ends up super messy and pretty much all the food ends up on Liam instead of in him!  So far the only things he likes are fruits, and sweet potatoes.  If I give him vegetables he just lets them sit in his mouth and won't close it or swallow.  Eventually he spits them out.  My friend and I made a bunch of baby food and froze them in ice cube trays but he doesn't seem to like the defrosted food.  I have had a lot more success with the store bought baby food.  Anyone else have that happen?

 Liam fell asleep playing the other day so I just covered him up and let him sleep there.  When i went to check on him this is what I found.  So Cute!
 Ha Liam looking good in his Carmelo sweat suit!  It's kind of an inside joke in our family.  Carmelo is the only NBA player I can remember because he is named after a delicious candy bar!  haha

Monday, November 5, 2012

Thanksgiving Pt. with the cousins

This post is a little over due but a few weeks ago we visited the Thanksgiving point barnyard with Grandma, Aunt Emily, and Cousins Halle and Eli!  Ever since Liam was born I find myself thinking of things to do with him even though he is too young and has zero interest.  I can't help it, I am just so excited for him to see the world and learn!  So I take him and describe things and he drools and spits up everywhere.  Overall we have a good time!  

 There is cousin Halle is in the background riding a horse.

"Excuse me mom but there is a goat in my face... please back away.. slowly!" 

He is a pretty photogenic goat though don't you think?   

And I just LOVE this baby goat!  I think Liam does too...they are new best buds!

 Or maybe this guy is his new best bud?  He has a very soft nose and lips!  But I think he is only our friend for the food..That's it he is out of the friend circle!

  Until....Halle found him and made him her new best friend!  Be careful Halle he will only use you and then throw your friendship away like it meant absolutely nothing! 

 Here is Aunt Emily, and Cousin Eli enjoying the show.  Well, I guess I shouldn't say enjoying because if Eli even slightly smells the animals he dry heaves and pukes...Poor little guy!

And the poser is back of course for more food.  Such a moocher!

Grandma also found a new best friend!  
Grandma: "oh let me kiss your nose!"
Horse that I named Al: "excuse me lady? do I know you?"

 Grandma: "Oh here is some food, and turn this way so I can get a picture!"
Al: "well...I guess if there is food involved." 
  Grandma: "oops!"
All: "Seriously?"
Grandma: "oh well doesn't mean we can't still grab a picture. Smile!"
Al: "But..But.. my food!" 
 Grandma: "ha jk here is some more!  Eat up horsey!"
Al: "num..num..num.." 
  Grandma: "goodbye pretty horsey, I love you, mwah!"
Al: "goodbye strange lady."

 Mom: "Well Liam how was your first time at the barnyard?"
 (see above expression)
Mom: "ha good to know, we will see how it goes next time!"

Friday, November 2, 2012

Me and my shower cap

When I was a little girl I had long, long, thick hair.  It was to the point that I could sit on it, and it seemed to be the number one way to describe me.  "girl with the long hair."  Anyway it took forever to dry and I hated having my mom brush it so I always wore it in a braid and when I would bath I wore a shower cap.  I never thought much about it because my mom wore them too and I just assumed everyone did.  
Well, when I got older I started having sleepovers and going to dance, and cheer camps and had a shocking realization that absolutely none of my friends wore shower caps.  I was floored.  I never really talked to them about it but for years I thought about it.  I could not comprehend how they prevented their hair from getting wet.   I didn't know if they washed their hair every day or they just re-did the parts that got wet.  I mean I wash my hair when it gets dirty but not every single day!  It would be so dry and brittle it would all break off!  To be honest I still don't get it.  
Things got even more complicated when I got married.  It didn't take long for my sweetie to ask, "what the heck is on your head?"  Me: "a shower cap."  Sweetie: "I thought those were for Grandma's." Me: "That's rude, how am I supposed to keep my hair dry?"  and for weeks Jason would just stare at my head when I had it on. I think he was thinking a mixture of thoughts such as 
"wow I picked an interesting girl/
at least she's confident in herself/
try not to laugh/
at least she looks cute with it on." 
 The good news is three years later he has accepted my shower cap and brings me home the complimentary ones they leave for you in hotel rooms.  
The best part is without fail every time I have to go buy a new shower cap there is always, let me restate that for emphasis ALWAYS a 70+ year old women looking at them with me!  Does it deter me?  Absolutely not!  To this day I hate doing my hair and if that little piece of plastic prevents that than I will proudly wear it for the rest of my life!  
Maybe one day I'll present you with a picture. ( ;

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

 Happy Halloween!  This is the first year Jas and I have ever done something!  Not that it was a lot but we did a little zombie make-up and it was so much fun!  Of course though the best part is getting Liam ready and taking him to the neighbors houses.  I can't wait till he is old enough to get excited for Halloween but seeing him in his little monster costume was awesome!  He is so stinkin cute in it, but I am pretty sure he hates it.  Poor thing, but we only made him wear it for a few pictures and "awww's" from the neighbors.  

Mozzie's Pumpkin costume!  I couldn't resist and it was on sale for $2 because there was a small rip in it!  He is s cute!
so something kinda creepy happened the other day.  After all the snow melted I looked in my backyard and it was attack of the birds!!!  Do you remember that movie?  It was an oldie and in black and white but totally freaky!  

 I took a few shots and then let Mozzie out!  poor Moz, not one bird stuck around to play!

My one craft contribution to my Halloween decor.  I got some old books and modge podged these little beauties!  I am slowly but surly adding to my holiday decor...i think I have 3 or 4 halloween decorations now! ha
Well Octobers almost over which means it's practically Thanksgiving which means it's practically CHRISTMAS!  AHHHH I am trying to think of ways to bribe Jas so he will let me put up the Christmas tree early but so far no luck!  If you have any ideas send them my way!
but for now, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!