Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Nelson's are Going Down Under FAQ

Some of you may or may not know that in the coming months Jason, I and the kids will be uprooting and moving far far away to Australia! What?! Crazy, Yes I know! So I thought I would dust off the old blog and answer some questions I have been asked a lot lately.

Q: Did Jason get a new job?
A: No.  Jason has been working with Australia for over a year.  We knew Australia was a possibility but a few months ago it was decided that he would stay here and continue to travel to Australia periodically and then slowly transition back to working with the U.S. After Jason's last trip to Australia things changed dramatically and moving was put back on the plate.  We felt that although this would be a very crazy change in our lives it was also a great opportunity for not only Jason but our family.

Q: How long do you think you will be there?
A:  We will be signing a two year contract.  This seems long but I have a bucket list of things I want to do while I am there and I think two years will hopefully be enough time to see and do everything we want to.

Q: What about your house?
A:  We are working on trying to sell but if things are slow we may try to rent.  We are open to both options.  Either way we are sad to leave such a great ward and neighborhood.  We have been so blessed to live here even for such a short amount of time and wouldn't have changed anything.

Q: Are you taking Mozzie (Mozzie is our Shnorkie)?
A: This has been such a hard topic for me.  After doing a lot of research I determined it wasn't in Mozzie's best interest to take him.  My brother and Sister in law were kind enough to offer to take him while we are abroad.

Q: How are your parents handling this?
A: They are sad, but supportive.  Hopefully they will get an opportunity to come visit us, and we will have a couple opportunities to come home.

Q: How long is that plane ride? Are you nervous with two kids?
A: 15 hours!  and Yes I would rather get 15 shots then get on a plane with two children for 15 hours... That being said I can do hard things and with Jason and a lot of prayers we will survive...or die trying.

Q: Are you so excited?!
A: Yes! and sometimes no.  It's very intimidating for me as a mother.  I feel like Jason knows what his job and role will be.  He has already experienced it, and they are excited for him to come.  My job as a mother is changing dramatically and I don't know any of my environmental factors.  I know I can't even truly comprehend the adjustments the boys and I will have to make in our daily routines.
I do feel like I have had some small tender mercies helping me prepare.  I have already reached out to two other young moms that are in the same situation.  They have both been wonderful in helping me with this process and what to expect.  It is a huge comfort for me.  Also I couldn't be more grateful to have the LDS church.  I know no matter what that I will have the ward and Relief Society to be a part of and serve.  What a blessing when I am moving to the other side of the world!

Q: Where will you live?
A: Jason will work in Sydney and we will most likely live in a suburb north of Sydney.  We still are not sure and are currently looking.  Rent is crazy expensive there and we will be going from a good size 2 story home to a small apartment.  Also rent is by the week there not the month.  Luckily the company will help house us and we are looking for something around $900 a week! Yes a week! It's crazy!

Q: Can I come visit?
A: Yes! Yes! Yes! but our apt will most likely be teeny tiny so it might be a little squished. That's ok though we don't mind.

My reading material helping me prepare... might need to get something a little more substantial..

And the listing to our home.  Makes me sad but also very blessed!