Monday, July 23, 2012

Our lovely Summer

 My Little Man is already over 2 months!  This post is a little late but I just can't stand how fast he is growing!  ahhh I just am grateful I have the opportunity to enjoy him every day and smother him with kisses!  He is the softest most cuddly little boy and His daddy and I pretty much adore him!  
 His beloved Binki!  He loves to suck constantly on his binkis or whatever he can come in contact with like an arm, a check, pretty much anything.  He is also starting to drool a lot more.  ha there is nothing like being close to his face while he's drooling and then he let's out a big sneeze!  Love drool showers!  haha
 I kiss these little feet and toes everyday!  
 Of course the bestesteverest new development is Liam smiling at you when you talk and coo at him!  Ohhh my goodness it melts your heart.  I think sometimes I scare him because I get overly excited back at him.  I can't help it though he is so darn cute!

 I'm so in love with this little boy!

Jason, Liam, and Mozzie taking a Sunday nap.  They are all snuggled so comfy!  ha can you find Mozzie and Liam? Love these boys!  

Jason recently traveled to the Middle East to Saudi Arabia and Dubai!  I have been waiting for him t blog about it but he is so busy so I just picked a few pics to put up.  Here is a dinner they had where you all share from one large plate and eat with your hands!  ahhh I don't think I would have been able to do that, and I believe that's a half a lamb on top.  Yum?

 Here's a collage of beautiful Dubai.  It looks like the city of the future to me!  Jason really enjoyed it there but it was incredibly hot!  

 There are malls everywhere there.  I thought was interesting because the majority wear traditional clothing, but I guess it is important to have stylish clothes underneath.  In appropriate settings you can remove your burka and show your trendy clothes.  

 The malls are very nice, it's amazing to see all the black and white clothing.

 It's preferred to have the woman's face covered and is considered beautiful.  So the managers of the stores take it upon themselves to black out faces and other areas of skin on their products.  It's difficult for Jason to make sure the marketing is appropriate on their exercise products they send over there.    

 Jason took a picture of Liam and Me on Skype.  We sure missed him!

 The tallest building in the World!  The Burg Khalifa

 Jason likes to take pic's of random people.  I call this man at coffee shop...  It is a good way to see the traditional clothing though.

 On a sad note, Mozzie got fixed a week ago.  I felt like the worst person in the world taking him but I know it is best in the end.  He had to wear the cone of shame but he actually did pretty well with it.  I just felt bad he had a hard time chewing his bones and stuff.  The surgery didn't phase him at all energy wise.  It was really difficult trying to keep him calm and not jump around like crazy.  I am so happy he didn't rip his stitches, and all the neighborhood kids loved his cone of shame!  It got a little awkward when they asked why he had it though... haha
This pic makes it look like he's buried in the yard.

This is Liam's and Mozzie's favorite chair to sit in.  It's pretty much impossible to try and keep Mozzie out of it.  It is where he likes to go if he ever has to be left home alone.  

If you know me you know that I love sunsets, and sunrises.  mmm they sure are pertty! ( :  These one's looked like pink cotton candy at first then like melting strawberry and Orange creamsicles.  I don't know if someone is in charge of sunsets in heaven but I hope when I die I can work on that committee!!!  

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My Shutterfly addiction

I love making Shutterfly books!  It is probably one of my favorite things to do after a trip, or big event!  I have already made 5 since Liam arrived and love them all!  Jason jokes we need a separate book shelf for all our Shutterfly books!  here are 4 of my most recent.  they are all separate posts.

birth story

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