Monday, December 20, 2010

Hurray for Christmas

What a miracle it is to have made it this time in December..this year has seriously flown by - the semester is over and now it is time to relax and make memories with the ones you love and care about most. It is a time for reflection on our Savior and exactly what he did for each and every one of us. The video below helps me remember how being like unto a child can truly bless your life and help you remember just how much we have received and what is most important in life. How important it is to strive to be the givers in any way possible, there are so many people that need our help..we just need the attitude and willingness to make that difference in their lives whether great or small! I hope this time of year each and every one of us can have the Christmas spirit ring deep within us so it can carry on to an even greater year next year! It is never too late or early to give

Never let the child in you disappear

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Pics

One of my best friends up here at Utah State named Stephanie Hyde is an incredibly talented photographer in the making! She took some pictures of me and Jas for our Christmas card and here are just some of my fav's! It was absolutely freezing when we took these and Jason was such a good sport running around and doing what steph and I told him. We had a lot of fun, and I am really excited about how the pics turned out.

We were trying to get the Logan temple in the background but it's kinds small. Its still beautiful though!

Go Aggies!! This is on campus at Old Main!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!! We are so excited for our little break and the opportunity to spend time with family, each other, and making memories! We are thankful to have survived the little blizzard and the 8 inches we received yesterday!! Will post pictures soon...

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Closer to a real "Break"

Snow....Snow.....Snow... It is finally here and in full force as it so proudly affecting me and Janae driving back from different locations to meet back up in Logan!! It was pretty sweet how my 3 hour drive turned into a 4 and half hour drive..plenty of time to ponder, pray, and hope nothing bad happens to anyone with the messy weather!! Nae is getting close to home and I'm praying like crazy that everything will be alright..bless her heart for making the drive alone and in the snow.she's the greatest!! School is coming along for both of us as we are doing all we can go get through this semester alive!! Thanksgiving and Christmas break will be very much needed and enjoyed on all levels, I cannot wait!

I was able to go out to Roosevelt this weekend for a cool opportunity to do a class on the Taizhong, Taiwan missionaries that were called there for their Stake mission weekend. It was a lot of fun acting as a little mission president and talking to them about the mission, people, food, culture, etc.. Having received the invite to do this for quite some time it brought back so much reflection and gratitude to my savior and father in heaven for the mission I was called to serve and labor in. It has greatly enriched and blessed my life more than I could ever imagine. Not only on the gospel standpoint but I have gained brothers and hero's throughout that 2 year experience that continue to lead by example and help me more than they know in my every day life. It truly is the greatest mission on earth and I think about it everyday!! Hard to believe I have already been home for 2 and half years..sheeesh!

Tomorrow is Sunday which means spending time with Janae..YES - we have grown to love cooking meals with each other - obviously she is the better cook and is super patient with my inabilities to do some things but it is always a blast to see what we can come up with! Outside of that obviously it is a day of rest and worship which will happily be starting at 6:30 in the morning! Things are going great and I could not be happier with life..we are continually blessed and I'm sure it is even more than we realize! Always need to cherish every memory and moment you have with those you love and cherish..make them special and think of ways to make that person as happy as can be. True happiness comes as you labor and serve for the happiness of others!! TTTF

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Shout-out to Jason!

When Mandy and I were little we used to call into radio disney like a hundred times until we could get through and then make shout outs to each other or our other friends! So this is my shout-out to my wonderful husband. I have been thinking a lot about what i am grateful for the last few days, especially after the video we posted last night. After church today i realized that i have probably the most amazing husband in the world, and i am so grateful for him. Jason is constantly serving me, and watching out for me. Today was a great example starting early this morning when he had to leave to an early church meeting and came home and recognized how tired i still was so let me know he would set the alarm for a little later so i could sleep. I still pressed snooze even after that and was rushing to get ready for church. I came dashing down the stairs and he gave me some cereal that i could eat in the car, and i was so grateful because i was starving. Come to find out that was his cereal but he knew i was teaching today so he thought it would benefit me more. After church he helped make dinner, and set the table while I was busy taking care of other stuff. I love it because he even had the potatoes on a hot pad, drinks poured and ready, and the silverware on a folded napkin. That may sound silly but it looked so good, and I was so impressed. The best part is today is just one example and this happens everyday. Jason is never thinking of just himself or what he has to do, but what everyone else needs. He's also not just serving me but his family, friends, and most importantly his father in Heaven. I can feel the blessings within our home because of Jason's selflessness. I am so blessed to be his wife, and have the opportunity to learn from his example. THANKS JAS, I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART!

I also had another really awesome experience yesterday. We had the opportunity to go to the temple and while i was waiting for Jason a couple turned around and asked if I was Janae. They guy turned out to be one of Jason's good friends Zach Taylor and his lovely wife Anne-Sophie. Anne is from France and has only been in America a few months. When Jason got there we started talking more and invited them to the Aggie basketball game with us later that night. They agreed and were really excited. I was excited too because i thought it was really cool Anne was from France and wanted to talk to her more about it. Later at the game when we were talking I asked her what her favorite part of living in Logan was, and in my head i was thinking "how could you like it here better then southern france?" (Not that i don't love Logan, but i think most of us agree that southern France sounds amazing!) She answerd really fast and said, "I love the Temple, because there is no Temple in France." I was really taken aback and touched. I did not expect that answer and even though it was so simple, it was obviously very dear to her heart. I am grateful for Anne's example and love of the temple to remind me how blessed I am to always have lived so close to the Temple. This experience really touched me, and was much needed after a week of feeling stressed and having anxiety about school. So thank you Anne-Sophie!

In the Spirit of Thanksgiving

Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween!

i thought this was funny of our first Halloween together 2 years ago!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Yellowstone 2010!!!

Welcome to Yellowstone!

We were so lucky, we saw a group of people looking at something far away. We pulled over and saw a mother bear and her two cubs coming down from the mountains! They came all the way down to the river, swam across, then kept on going. It was so incredible to see them in their natural habitat!

Morning Glory Pool, this is one of our favorite geysers. Its so beautiful! It is amazing how much diversity is on our planet, and how this spot is full of activity and always changing.

Alyvia skipping across the platform, she's so cute!

King of the Mountain!

Gorgeous Scenic view, it was amazing to look at the landscape and see bouts of steam coming up in random sections. This is one of my favorite places, it's so beautiful!

Riverside Geyser, this was another really cool geyser that looked like a giant hot tub on the side of the river!

Old Faithful!

Jason spotted this guy way up in the tree's as we were driving by, i don't know how he saw it, but we got some cool pics of him! He was beautiful!

One of the Cubs at Bear world. There were so cute and playful!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cole Preston Nelson - 9/24/2010 - Jer and Jenn's addition!

Yellowstone 2010!!!

So with Friday off for Fall-Break we ventured into Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana to Yellowstone National Park with Joan, Jory, Alyvia, and the both of us. We stayed in Island Park which was perfect and nice to go back and forth from the park. It had been a long time since any of us visited the park and instant memories were made once we made it there. We had beautiful weather the first day and saw most of the lower rim all the way to Old Faithful. Sat. was filled with spotty showers but we covered whole bottom circle of the park including the incredible Canyon and Falls..that was one of my favorite sights, views, and experiences of the whole trip.

We had some sweet experiences with herds and herds of Bison migrating down through the park - we quickly realized that we wouldn't need to go through much effort to take good pictures of them. There were some really cool Elk pictures as well - Joan mentioned several times "WOW look at that Rack," Yeah pretty amazing :)! We saw a Bald Eagle hanging out next to Lake Yellowstone, a Wolf swimming and doing his thing, and even swimming in the river. We even saw a Grizzly Bear with her two cubs journeying across the forest to the river and swimming across it. There was some pretty awesome footage taken and tons of tourists checking them out. It was so awesome to see - I honestly didn't think we would see them but sure enough we were blessed. So yeah we had some pretty sweet encounters with animals.

It was beautiful everywhere we went and walked. I was amazed at how much there is to see and how different so many geysers pots, and pools can be. We really had a blast and couldn't believe it took us so long to go back. Our favorite place we ate at was a little money BBQ in West Yellowstone, Montana - it was dang good, and of course Joan's Chille!!

On our way home we got spoiled with BEAR WORLD..driving through their habitat zoo was pretty awesome. 45 Bears roamed the park wondering here and there enjoying life before they hibernate. Bison, Elk - even a white one, and deer were there too. We were later told that Baloo the bear was one of the bears along with the one that did many Coke ads in the 90's. At the gift shop, petting zoo, and cub place was where I think we had the most fun. The cubs at about 9 months old were constantly playing and wrestling, they were so playful. They were rescued at a young age before they were eaten by male predators. We learned some interesting facts about them and were filled with laughs and laughts. Janae got to see her cute little pig, we got to feed and pet deer as they walked around us along with goats, chickens, ducks, geese, and roosters. There was a lot that went on there..Then it was all driving from there! So tons of wildlife, animals, and time to appreciate the many gifts and creations that we have! So until we meet again - hopefully we will be able to post pictures up really really fast, we have not been doing to great at that. Life is great here in Logan - can't wait for December, well except for the cold!

Sunday, October 3, 2010


This week was jam packed but loaded with so many great events and things we were able to participate in..For our Arts Symposium class we went to the Blind boys of Alabama, they have won 5 grammy's and literally were blind and absolutely amazing!! They followed the performance of Ralph Stanley and his group (he did music for O' Brother Where art thou). We didn't know what we going to see until we got there..The bluegrass country and gospel music was a lot of fun and a performance we both really enjoyed!! We got autograph's bought a cd and will be listening to them from now on :)
The next day I was able to go and listen to Stephen Covey up on campus, He is such an incredible speaker and person that really knows how to simplify life and help you know what you need to do in becoming better. He talked a lot on leadership, family values, and getting the most out of each day. I really need to start reading some of his books and the ones he is currently working on when they are finished!

Friday was then my first mission reunion with President Hoer from the 07-10' group. It was so awesome seeing them for the first time since I returned home in 08'. Everyone looked to be doing awesome and they gave great talks and a presentation on fulfilling your purpose and really living the gospel, not just preaching it. Using your time wisely and getting the most out of your day. It complimented a lot of what Covey said and it was good to get that ingrained and set better goals to do more! Nothing better than getting together with people that helped shape and change your life. Great to see the brothers and catch up on everything, Janae was a real sport the whole night, it was a long one!!

As our reunion was going on we were also receiving updates on the USU vs. BYU football game...yes at one point we were winning by almost 30 points..there was alot to be happy about!! The drought had been too long since we last beat them in back to 1993 - the time is now and the Aggie tide is definitely turning uphill and for the better!! AGGIES ALL THE WAY

Then of course Conference sat. and sunday has been amazing so far!! It has been so fun watching it with Janae, and has helped us enjoy our weekend!! It is an accomplishment just to get to friday afternoon alive haha!! The church is true and the living leaders, prophets, and apostles truly are inspired to teach and lead us according to our Savior's desires!!

Things are going so well and we are continuing to be blessed so much in what is really every aspect of our lives!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

One Year Anniversary!!!

This weekend was full of memories and reflection as we celebrated our one year anniversary together!! Neither of us could believe how fast time flew by and where we're at today!! Janae was brave enough to trust me and let me plan our weekend in Park City - it was a blast and we are still both wishing we were still there!! Nothing is better than getting away, turning off the phones and relaxing your days away! We stayed at the Westgate at the Canyons, our room was perfect and I wish we could go stay there every weekend! Fall is definitely coming around as the canyons and mountains are changing colors and looking so beautiful! We got blessed with great weather to enjoy our time there making more memories!! We are both excited for the upcoming year and cannot wait to see what's in store and what other adventures lay ahead!!

To make the 24th a little more interesting, we had Cole Preston Nelson join the family as our nephew was born that day in Florida! Laurie and Brandon were married as well in the Vernal, Utah temple - it was quite the eventful day and we're both wondering what's going to happen next year to add to it!

Sunday, September 12, 2010


It is crazy how life can change in a couple days...expecting it or not, good or bad!! We are hoping that throughout this semester, somehow someway we will be able to find or make extra time to spend together! We are both busier than we have ever been before which in a nutshell = life right? Either way it is so important to remember that you relying on yourself and trying to do it all by yourself will never equal success!! We are so grateful for all those around us who help raise us up and push us to do better!! There is always time to be waisted on complaining, what if's, should haves and shouldn't haves..what is most important is the present and doing all you can to progress and be the best you can be! We have both been blessed as we have focused on the positives during school, work, callings, and other things.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

YAY it's week 2

It is already (kinda slow) week 2 up here at Utah State!! It feels like finals should be next week haha Janae and I are both loaded for classes, homework, work stuff, and being busy!! We still love being together more than ever before and can't wait for our big anniversary of one full whole already been a year..time flies!! :) We have been blessed and helped out soo much in our first year of marriage - we can't believe we have already known each other for 2 years..aww life with Janae is that good!!

Another highlight of September was the start of college football season...ohhh yes even Utah State brought the good in their season opener against Oklahoma! We are heading down to the Utah game to tailgate and spend time with the family this Saturday and that should be a blast!! GO UTES and AGGIES

Life is great in Logan - it's staying somewhat warm and keeping us happy!! Keep ya posted on the year and hopefully more pictures!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Back to reality in Utah

The summer came and gone and we are officially back in Utah...It is alot prettier than we remember!! Seeing family and spending time together has made for a good little vacation before we prepare for school and the fun times ahead!! We were super blessed in numerous ways during our stay in Arkansas!! We are excited for the upcoming week and all that we get to do except moving back into our apartment in Logan!!! Life is great - Janae is even more amazing and I can't believe we are coming up on our 1 year mark next month...let the good times keep rolling!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

More Pic's

Having Fun at the slip n' slide wiffle ball game

The White River, covered in beautiful mist

Turpentine Creek Animal Refuge

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Last Few Days in Fayetteville

Were down to our last few days in Fayetteville. We thought we would be here another week but Jason is going down to Texarkana with a group of guys for a week. So me and Mel are driving home and Jason and Marty will drive home together when they are done. I am super excited to go home, but wish Jas was coming. It sucks being a part.
Last sunday Me and Jas had a fun little adventure going to Eureka Springs.

Touring the Cosmic Caverns. they were pretty cool, and had two bottomless lakes! When they first started exploring the lakes they found 4 sunken boats that there not sure who was exploring before them.

We also went to the Turpentine Creek Animal Rescue and it was amazing!

More pics to come...

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Life in Fayetteville

We have been in Fayetteville a week now and so far I am loving it. Our apartments are ten times better then the ones we were in in North Little Rock. They are decorated really nice, and we have an awesome view of a golf course. The 4th of July was incredible here, we sat on our balcony and could see various firework shows in different cities. Fireworks are not illegal here so there were a ton, and it was beautiful to see. It rained a lot last week, and one day i walked out to the parking lot and water went all the way up to my ankles. I loved it, but all the rain isn't very good for Jason when he's trying to work. One of the high lights of my week is Melanie (one of my best friends out here and personal hair stylist) gave me a new hair make over! I finally got some high lights, and they look awesome! I love them, and i got some new bangs that i also love! I will put up some pics soon! Yesterday i also went yard sailing for the first time. I promised myself i wouldn't get anything, and of course i bought something the first place we stopped. I have wanted a jewelry box for a long time, and i found one i really liked there. Janessa Funk (the queen of crafts out here) and Mel bought some fun stuff and we had a little modge podge party and made some fun projects. I will put up pics of my new jewelry box soon too! This next weeks not going to be quite as fun, mostly jam packed with reading my econ text book! ugh!! I will have pics up ASAP!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Janae's First Post!

I dedicate this post to our loyal followers Selu, and Dana! Big shout out to you too! Woot! Woot! LOL! Anyway this is my first post, because Jason is the creator/manager of this lovely blog. It is just to complicated for me..( : haha but i am willing to learn. I know, I know, this shouldn't be that hard, and I'm sounding like my mother but it really confuses me.
Anyway we have been in Arkansas for over 1 month now! Wow, i can't believe it! I am so surprised how much i have liked it here, even though its over 100 degrees and i feel like I'm in a sauna. Some of the things i have enjoyed the most are seeing fire fly's at night! They are so cool to watch in the little forest area behind our apartments. There are also little cotton tail bunnies that come out in the front of our apartments every night, and like a 5 year old i ALWAYS chase them yelling "BUNNIES!" haha I wonder if our neighbors have noticed? there are also lots of cute turtles and frogs! So me being an animal fanatic i think it is all sooo cool! It is also so incredibly beautiful here, i love all the trees and constantly being surrounded by green! It is quite the change from the stark white winter we experienced the last 8 months in Logan!
We have also made some good friends out here, and had some fun adventures. As nervous as i was to come here, thinking it would be a culture shock, it has been the opposite. Most everyone i meet here is so nice, with a lot of southern hospitality! I love all the diversity, and meeting new people. Most everyone is so willing to help and talk to you about how you like Arkansas. I might even say more than the people in Utah...
While Jason sweats all day knocking doors, i have been working in the office. Sad to say not my favorite job! Not near as fun as working with the kids at the FLC back in Logan! I really miss them. I am also taking a couple online courses that i really underestimated the difficulty and time constraints. Mostly my self control is just lacking. I still am enjoying them though!
Well hows that for a first Post! Way longer than Jason's! haha

Friday, June 4, 2010


Wow, It really has been a long time as it always seems since we last posted anything on here! Mexico was an absolute blast and we will be loading more pictures and whatnot soon. School finished up just fine and Janae and I were blessed with a 4.0. We made the safe, long drive from Utah to Arkansas a little over two weeks ago and are enjoying ourselves out here. It really is beautiful, the scenery is awesome and there is plenty of green to go around.
We were both entertained by the popular river-fest they have here - 3 days of jam packed fun and loads of music, we got to listen to Uncle Cracker, Gary Allen, Blake Shelton, and see many others perform, we skipped out on the Ludacris concert though ha.
Janae is staying busy with work in the office and taking online classes, being married to her and being out here with her this summer has made life so much better! I couldn't imagine not having her by my side. So yeah things are rolling along, sorry about the delay on posts, but we'll look to have some pics up soon!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

2 more weeks

It definitely has been a while since we have last posted anything on our BLOG!!! Safe to say now there is one more full week of school before finals and we are super excited for some warm weather and the adventures that lie ahead of us!! We can't wait to head out on our so called "real honeymoon" in 2 weeks to mexico - it will be soooo nice to relax before the hard work and sweat that will come from our summer in Arkansas!!

We have been married now for over 7 months..craziness but of course happiness! I don't know how Janae puts up with me but she does and continues to be amazing each and every day - she never ceases to amaze me!! I have learned so much from her through being a wife, role model for the kids she works with, callings, school, church etc..the list goes on!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

JCOM - Assignment

Dolphin Pic: 1. Copied layer 2. Adjusted the color balance to give the water a better color and look more natural. 3. Put everything but the water back to it's original color. 4. Changed the exposure to not only brighten up the whole picture but make the water look even better,and burned certain areas to make it blend better.

JCOM - Assignment

Hat picture - 1. Copied layer 2.Changed the brightness and contrast to have us stick out with less distractions in the picture. 3. Changed the picture to become Black and White and then adjusted the picture and the colors. 4. Used the Lasso tool and different eraser sizes to edit and shape around the hats to give them the edited/brightened color.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010