Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Camping at The Basin

We just celebrated Anzac day in Australia.  Tuesday was a public holiday so we invited a few friends on an overnight camp out in Kuring Gai Chase National Park at The Basin campground.  Before we moved to Australia all I knew was there were some of the most poisonous snakes and spiders in the world so I did not bring one piece of camping equipment.  There was no way I was going to sleep outside.  After living here a year, adjusting, and seeing some of the most gorgeous camping spots in my life I couldn't resist. Luckily we have wonderful friends who were much more optimistic about the camping scene here then I was and loaned us some of their tents, and sleeping bags.
We had such a wonderful time at the Basin campsite.  You can either hike in or catch the ferry from Palm beach which is what we did.  There are wild wallabies bouncing around everywhere, a beautiful lagoon to play in, hikes including one to some amazing petroglyphs around 1000 years old.  At dusk hundreds of bats flew in which I thought was super cool until it was time for bed and the tree we were next to seemed to be their home base and they screeched at each other all night long.  That combined with wallabies and other critters scavenging our camp all night made it a little difficult to sleep but no worries we have kids and don't sleep anyway.  Other than that it was a really great site and the I think everyone had a great time.

Our camp set up in the background.

I love these trees, they are so perfect and beautiful.

One of Jason's hidden talents, making killer tin foil dinners.  It was fun having him teach me.

Early morning sunrise!

Dedicated young fisherman.

Wallaby fight...Kids in the background, "FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT!" LOL

Try to use the picture of the plaque as a guide but this shot is head on legs pointing down towards me.  The plaque describes this scene how the two peoples legs over cross as representing marriage and family.  You cant see above the body figures is a crescent moon and circled by flying wallabies and fish. 

The Lagoon  
Not sure what bird this is but I loved its yellow mask.  It did not love me...took forever to get it to look at me without running away.

Wallaby:  "hmmm maybe she hasn't noticed I stole her kids watermelon...

Wallaby: "aw whatever I am just going to eat it anyway."

Packing up to go when mike passed out from exhaustion after a killer tantrum. 
Our amazing group!

Waiting for the Ferry.  Zzzzz