Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Preview from Maternity Shoot

Here is a little preview from my maternity shoot a few days ago!  I will post more later, and if anyones looking for some spring family photos or portraits Stephanie is having a special for a $50 dollar session right now.  Just go to  
I love my little baby bump and all the crazy movements I am feeling!  Can't wait to meet him!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

some "BIG" changes

We have some "BIG" changes coming up in the next few weeks!  and not just my growing tummy!  Jas and I will be moving into a home probably by the end of this week and we are really excited/overwhelmed!  It's a huge blessing but going to be tough trying to move 7-8 months prego!  Luckily I have a incredible hubby, and some really amazing friends to help.  I will just be happy when we are all settled! 

Here's a pic of the new Nelson residence!  

Also here is my 7 month belly shot (from almost 2 weeks ago haha)  

BAM side view!  I love it!  I am like a human battering ram!  Which reminds me I saw the funniest thing in a pregnancy magazine at my last Dr. appt.  You can buy a tummy guard to protect your tummy from bumping into things and things bumping into you.  It kind of looks like a bullet proof vest for your tummy and I thought it was hilarious!  Maybe it's just me but I don't want anything extra on my tummy that doesn't need to be there, and there is no way I would wear that thing in public.  It would be like wearing a helmet all day just in case you bumped your head.  Don't get me wrong I bump my tummy all day on the fridge door, and the car door, and desks but I am pretty sure the damage is minimal.  I don't know though maybe someone else has an experience where they could see the benefit?  Let me know!  

Also one more bit of exciting news... our sweet baby is getting a brother!  Here are some pictures of our little Snorkie (Schnauzer+Yorkie).  He is still living with his birth momma until he is old enough to come home but we love to go visit him!  

So lots of exciting things but a little overwhelming.  It will be a crazy few months as I finish up school too.  Just taking one day at a time and loving going through it all with Jason.  He truly is amazing and helps me keep going.