Monday, May 20, 2013

Liam's 1 year photo's and Cake Smash

Grab Some Popcorn and Hold on Tight Because Your Hearts About to be Stolen!  Seriously though get ready for a picture overload because I had a hard time picking my favorites and there is a lot!  If you have any good ideas how to use them please let me know because I love them all but can't frame every single one.  A book will definitely be made.  
As you will be able to tell Liam didn't love his cake smash...but we still got some great pics all thanks to  Stephanie Hyde.  Check her out.  

 Cake Smash

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Liam's Birthday @ Grandma and Grandpa Hurtado's

Liam's 1st Birthday Under Construction!

Last week we celebrated Liam's 1st Birthday!  It was a lot of fun even though Liam was a little young to understand.  He loved having a few of the neighbor kids over to help him eat cake and unwrap gifts. We also had a party at my parents house with some family and close friends.  Thank you to everyone who came and supported. It means a lot to us and Liam!  
Most importantly Happy Birthday Liam!  It has been such a wonderful year and you have grown so fast.  Hope you can look back at these pictures and recognize how many people love and support you!   We cannot wait for the many birthdays to come!

One of my best friends Steph got to come to the party so of course we got some awesome pics from her!  She is so great, Thanks Steph!!