Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween!

i thought this was funny of our first Halloween together 2 years ago!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Yellowstone 2010!!!

Welcome to Yellowstone!

We were so lucky, we saw a group of people looking at something far away. We pulled over and saw a mother bear and her two cubs coming down from the mountains! They came all the way down to the river, swam across, then kept on going. It was so incredible to see them in their natural habitat!

Morning Glory Pool, this is one of our favorite geysers. Its so beautiful! It is amazing how much diversity is on our planet, and how this spot is full of activity and always changing.

Alyvia skipping across the platform, she's so cute!

King of the Mountain!

Gorgeous Scenic view, it was amazing to look at the landscape and see bouts of steam coming up in random sections. This is one of my favorite places, it's so beautiful!

Riverside Geyser, this was another really cool geyser that looked like a giant hot tub on the side of the river!

Old Faithful!

Jason spotted this guy way up in the tree's as we were driving by, i don't know how he saw it, but we got some cool pics of him! He was beautiful!

One of the Cubs at Bear world. There were so cute and playful!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cole Preston Nelson - 9/24/2010 - Jer and Jenn's addition!

Yellowstone 2010!!!

So with Friday off for Fall-Break we ventured into Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana to Yellowstone National Park with Joan, Jory, Alyvia, and the both of us. We stayed in Island Park which was perfect and nice to go back and forth from the park. It had been a long time since any of us visited the park and instant memories were made once we made it there. We had beautiful weather the first day and saw most of the lower rim all the way to Old Faithful. Sat. was filled with spotty showers but we covered whole bottom circle of the park including the incredible Canyon and Falls..that was one of my favorite sights, views, and experiences of the whole trip.

We had some sweet experiences with herds and herds of Bison migrating down through the park - we quickly realized that we wouldn't need to go through much effort to take good pictures of them. There were some really cool Elk pictures as well - Joan mentioned several times "WOW look at that Rack," Yeah pretty amazing :)! We saw a Bald Eagle hanging out next to Lake Yellowstone, a Wolf swimming and doing his thing, and even swimming in the river. We even saw a Grizzly Bear with her two cubs journeying across the forest to the river and swimming across it. There was some pretty awesome footage taken and tons of tourists checking them out. It was so awesome to see - I honestly didn't think we would see them but sure enough we were blessed. So yeah we had some pretty sweet encounters with animals.

It was beautiful everywhere we went and walked. I was amazed at how much there is to see and how different so many geysers pots, and pools can be. We really had a blast and couldn't believe it took us so long to go back. Our favorite place we ate at was a little money BBQ in West Yellowstone, Montana - it was dang good, and of course Joan's Chille!!

On our way home we got spoiled with BEAR WORLD..driving through their habitat zoo was pretty awesome. 45 Bears roamed the park wondering here and there enjoying life before they hibernate. Bison, Elk - even a white one, and deer were there too. We were later told that Baloo the bear was one of the bears along with the one that did many Coke ads in the 90's. At the gift shop, petting zoo, and cub place was where I think we had the most fun. The cubs at about 9 months old were constantly playing and wrestling, they were so playful. They were rescued at a young age before they were eaten by male predators. We learned some interesting facts about them and were filled with laughs and laughts. Janae got to see her cute little pig, we got to feed and pet deer as they walked around us along with goats, chickens, ducks, geese, and roosters. There was a lot that went on there..Then it was all driving from there! So tons of wildlife, animals, and time to appreciate the many gifts and creations that we have! So until we meet again - hopefully we will be able to post pictures up really really fast, we have not been doing to great at that. Life is great here in Logan - can't wait for December, well except for the cold!

Sunday, October 3, 2010


This week was jam packed but loaded with so many great events and things we were able to participate in..For our Arts Symposium class we went to the Blind boys of Alabama, they have won 5 grammy's and literally were blind and absolutely amazing!! They followed the performance of Ralph Stanley and his group (he did music for O' Brother Where art thou). We didn't know what we going to see until we got there..The bluegrass country and gospel music was a lot of fun and a performance we both really enjoyed!! We got autograph's bought a cd and will be listening to them from now on :)
The next day I was able to go and listen to Stephen Covey up on campus, He is such an incredible speaker and person that really knows how to simplify life and help you know what you need to do in becoming better. He talked a lot on leadership, family values, and getting the most out of each day. I really need to start reading some of his books and the ones he is currently working on when they are finished!

Friday was then my first mission reunion with President Hoer from the 07-10' group. It was so awesome seeing them for the first time since I returned home in 08'. Everyone looked to be doing awesome and they gave great talks and a presentation on fulfilling your purpose and really living the gospel, not just preaching it. Using your time wisely and getting the most out of your day. It complimented a lot of what Covey said and it was good to get that ingrained and set better goals to do more! Nothing better than getting together with people that helped shape and change your life. Great to see the brothers and catch up on everything, Janae was a real sport the whole night, it was a long one!!

As our reunion was going on we were also receiving updates on the USU vs. BYU football game...yes at one point we were winning by almost 30 points..there was alot to be happy about!! The drought had been too long since we last beat them in back to 1993 - the time is now and the Aggie tide is definitely turning uphill and for the better!! AGGIES ALL THE WAY

Then of course Conference sat. and sunday has been amazing so far!! It has been so fun watching it with Janae, and has helped us enjoy our weekend!! It is an accomplishment just to get to friday afternoon alive haha!! The church is true and the living leaders, prophets, and apostles truly are inspired to teach and lead us according to our Savior's desires!!

Things are going so well and we are continuing to be blessed so much in what is really every aspect of our lives!!