Sunday, April 17, 2011

Up's and Down's

Caution: This post contains graphic picture that are not for the faint of heart. Continue at your own risk!
Well the last few weeks have been interesting to say the least... We have definitely had our ups and downs and are staying strong. Three weeks ago today I cut the tip of my right pinkie off. I was sliding food across a new cutting board and my pinkie got just a little too low. We didn't think the cut was too bad but Jas insisted we go to the ER just to make sure. Poor guy had to pick up the little end of my pinkie and put it in a bag to bring. The doctor said if he sewed it back on it would most likely just fall back off so they gave me a tetanus shot, taught me how to bandage it and sent us on our way. I also had surgery scheduled the next day so between the two I was quite banged up for the next few weeks. I was surprised at how bad my finger hurt for a while after, I took my medication given from the surgery for my finger pain over surgery pain. Then the movies like 127 hours, and Soul Surfer come out and I feel like a total wimp! haha

The big red thing is a clot that formed and is really grouse. The cuts not too bad though and I can already start to see my skin growing back! So sorry to all my family members who were hoping to give me the new nick name of nubby!

It really has been a humbling experience and I am so grateful for the relief society and my visiting teachers for helping me with meals, and everything. I really was overwhelmed with the love and charity that they showed and how helpful everyone was. Also all my friends that helped me get through school and made sure I wasn't left behind. It meant a lot to me. It can be sometimes difficult for me to let others help so much but it was a good experience being forced to rely on others for a while. I am so grateful to be surrounded by such incredible people.

Jason also did an incredible job at taking over my share of the house duties even while he had a huge work and school load. I am so grateful for him and all he has done making sure I'm comfortable and healing. These are some beautiful get well tulips he got me! There is no way I would have survived the past few weeks without him.

The next few weeks were a lot more fun! We went to Jason's mission reunion at President and Sister Hoers house where we got to hear an awesome devotional by them. It was the perfect prep for conference that weekend! Then we headed down to my house for conference where my family from California was also visiting. It was so good spending some time with my grandpa Stastny especially.

I don't know if it was just me but conference was incredible! I really needed to hear those talks and I felt like I could pick out something from each talk that was applicable to me and my life. It was such a great weekend and I am grateful for conference and the counsel it brings.

April 5th we celebrated Jason's 24th Birthday!!! Woo Hoo!!! It was a little hard getting ready with my wounds but luckily I have great friends that helped me make a cake and get everything done! (thank you stephanie!) Jas and I enjoyed sushi and a movie and came home to delicious cake and presents. Of course the biggest and best present is when we go to Taiwan, and we are getting really excited for that trek!!
Jason blowing out the candles at Joel and Kristy's house while we visited. He is holding Mathew one of the triplets.

Celebrating in Logan!

Monday, April 11, 2011

ESPN the Weekend at Disney World

As Janae posted a while ago, for spring break we went to Orlando/ Disney World. As has been in the past it was an absolute blast!! That place is so much fun and I was in for a huge surprise when we got there and I realized my childhood idols, favorite athletes, commentators and so forth were all going to be there when ESPN the weekend was on site! I love sports, probably a little too much but they have carried me throughout a lot of my life and I wanted to post some pictures of the studs, beasts, and athletes that I appreciated seeing, hearing from, and some even meeting!!

Here we GO!!

The one and only Dickie V, he was so awesome!

The Dr. J - Julius Erving

The Mailman, with Arms bigger than my head and thigh combined

Karl and the Glove, Gary Payton

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Dr. J and Kevin Mchale - LEGENDS

Now onto Football Studs...keep scrolling you might even see a Tim Tebow Sighting!!

Amazing sitting in front of these beasts...until I saw Frank Thomas

Bart Scott - #57, Stud LB for the JETS!!

Memphis product, Deangelo Williams, Asian style

Ladanian Tomlinson


Now onto some baseball was a glorious day!!

All three - Ironman Ripken, Frank the Big Hurt Thomas, Burt Blyleven

Burt Blyleven

Cal Ripken Jr.

Frank Thomas...he is HUGE

the three again!