Thursday, March 7, 2013

Missing Orlando!

We got back from Orlando a few weeks ago so this post is a little late but it was such a fun, warm, amazing fun trip.  I didn't want to come back at all.  I am still missing the warmth and sunshine but now things are starting to look better here so its a little easier.  I can see the tips of my tulips and daffodils popping up and it is getting me really excited for spring!  
This pic below is of Liam already asleep at the airport!  We weren't even there yet and he is already exhausted!  ( :   And if you have ever done Disney World with Grandma Joan you know it  is definitely exhausting.  
I decided Im going to come back and edit this post with more captions later, but here are some of the pics from our fun trip!  
 Lol speaking of...