Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Back to reality! and I turned 21 Woo hoo!!

Some B-Day Pics

Well we are into our third week of the Spring semester and so far we are trying to find our motivation that seems to have run away after Fall finals. Hopefully it shows up soon because our first exams are starting to peep around the corner and we need to get going! I have been blessed with a slightly easier schedule than I had last semester and that has helped but Jason is as busy as ever! He has a lot more work this semester and less school and he seems to like that better so that is good. I am always so impressed with how hard he works and how positive he always is. He balances me out a ton and I am really grateful for that. Work for me has been going really good and I am loving it as much as ever. We started a new session and that has helped bring in a lot more families which means a lot more kids for me to watch! This definitely has its pros and cons but I am lucky the majority of my kids are awesome! They always impress me in new ways each and everyday. Even when we seemed overwhelmed with kids the older ones step up and take responsibility for the younger ones by pretty much by instinct. It is something I absolutely love about the Latino culture. I can't count the number of times one of our young boys (around 8-10) that can be really hard to handle and will see one of the babies crying and like the flip of a switch go over pick up the baby and calm it down. Then when the baby is happy again they go back to being rough little boys. It is the most incredible thing to watch and experience. I love how everyone looks out for one another and treats everyone like family. It makes going to work like going to a family reunion everyday and i love it!

This last weekend Jas and my family spoiled me for my 21st birthday! (January 24th fyi ( : ) On saturday my family drove up to Maddox and we got to have dinner together. I love anytime i get to spend with them especially my nieces and nephews and Jared and Emily were awesome enough to come with my parents and bring Halle and Eli! My parents also brought Alyvia and it was so much fun! My mom being the amazing mom that she is even brought balloons and cupcakes, haha everyone thought it was one of the little girls birthday but i was proud to be turning 21 with beautiful balloons and cupcakes! It really was the best and would have been the perfect birthday at that but Jason continued to make it incredible on monday as well! When i got home from school our entire home was clean and the laundry was all done. Jason made a beautiful cake and even made a flower arrangement! He arranged my gifts on the table and made everything so special. We went on a perfect date and it was just the best day ever! Im am so grateful for such a wonderful, thoughtful husband that takes time to make me feel special.

Well were ready for winter to be over and are also super excited for this May because 1. Jason graduates!! 2. Its summer! and 3. WERE GOING TO TAIWAN!!!! we can't wait! Just counting the days!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Our adventures over the Holiday Break!

Wow it has been such an incredible break, and we have had the time of our lives! These are just some of our favorite memories over the Holidays!

Pre-Christmas Sugar Cookie Decorating

Alyvia and I were having a cookie decorating contest and this is one of her dazzling sparkle covered snowman!

Alyvia asked Grandma Joan to judge the contest and determine a winner. Grandma said we both had amazing cookies and we were both winners, but Alyvia was not ok with that. So luckily our neighbor Leeann was their and Alyvia appointed her the new judge. Leeann said the Alyvia's were the sparkliest but mine were the most colorful. Haha this next pic is a of Alyvias face after that...

So Alyvia decided once again we were in need of a new judge and appointed herself the new judge. After some thought and consideration, while observing both plates of cookies carefully she decided She was the winner! Lol it was the funniest thing ever, and I just love that little girl!

Starting the Holidays off at the Nelsons
We were having fun decorating Gingerbread Houses when everyone left me, but i was dedicated in making mine amazing LOL!!!

This one is Jason and Pauls creation!

This is my winter wonderland cottage! don't you just want to live there?? haha

One of our favorite things to do while is Rosy land is walk Chance! He is such a sweet loving dog!

One of the favorite Nelson Christmas traditions is to go bowling but unfortunately is was everyones off year at the other in laws, so Jason, Paul, and me had to carry out the tradition alone. We still had a lot of fun though!


Christmas Morning!!!

We had such an incredible time at the Nelsons. My favorite was on Christmas Eve we went caroling to some neighbors and there was the sweetest spirit while we did. We also did a really awesome devotional with the nativity and it brought a special Christmas spirit into each of us. I loved every second of it.

Off to the Hurtado's! Things were a little crazier when we got there but we had a lot of fun playing with the triplets. They just turned 1 January 3rd and are getting so big!

We had such a wonderful Christmas with both our families and just feel so blessed! We can't express how much love we have for them, and just love spending time with them!

Jason took me on a perfect date to temple square where we ate at the roof, then roamed around looking at all the dazzling lights. No matter how many times i visit temple square i am always blown away at how beautiful and unique it is!

ohh yeah! We pretty much had to try everything, and they were all amazing!!

To Celebrate the New Year we left for St. George! Sadly we brought all the freezing weather with us but still had a blast. New years eve we went to dinner and a movie with Brad and Meagan then like old married folks we headed back to Jason's Grandpas condo before mid-night. haha I almost felt like a loser but we were surprised when we looked outside and there was an awesome fireworks display put on by the city! I love fireworks so the night ended perfectly by me!
We also were able to spend a lot of time with Brad, Meagan, Faith and Kelton the next few days and made a lot of fun memories!
We wish these were our darling kids!

It was great spending time in St. George and were able to visit Jason's old ward in Veyo. He loved seeing all the old faces and even bore a wonderful testimony about the impact those people made in his life. He also got to spend time with both his Grandpa's and it was all so good. On the downside i got food poisoning and couldn't be 5 feet away from a toilet! (sorry if that is to much information, but it was horrible!) So Jason had to go visit his grandparents without me.
Grandpa Putnam

Grandpa Nelson

After i recovered the next day we headed to Las Vegas for the day and ate at our favorite Chinese restaurant at the Wynn called Red 8. I wish i could describe how amazing the food is at this place, but it is Indescribable. We spent the rest of the day walking through all the amazing malls and hotels. It was a lot of fun. We even witnessed some random man jump into one of the fountains in front of Ceasars palace, steal a bunch of coins, then jump out and run away! I couldn't believe it, it was so funny!

Well after all that fun and excitement we are back home, and preparing for the Spring semester. I wish the break was longer but we had so much fun so i can't complain. Now it's time to get back to work and all the craziness of being two married students trying to survive. But we wouldn't have it every other way!