Thursday, September 27, 2012


 Meet Mr. Mozzie, he is a 7 lb Schnorkie (schnauzer+yorkie) and already almost 7 months old!  Ever since we moved in he has been the most popular kid on the block.  I am fairly confident that there is not a child within two blocks of us that doesn't know who Mozzie is.  It really took us off guard at first when we would go on walks and random kids would yell across the street, "Hi, Mozzie!" or "Look it's Mozzie!"  Jason would look at me and ask, "did he just say Mozzie? who is that kid?"  I have no idea how Mozzie became so popular so fast but I do love how good he is with children and they love playing with him. I even get referred to as Mozzie's mom! haha  In our little cul-de-sac we had 4 kids that were terrified of dogs and would cry if Mozzie would come up to them, but now they are always wanting to come over and play in the backyard with him and his toys.  He definitely keeps life fun and interesting, and i feel like I have another child instead of a dog especially when he already has friends coming over to play!

 Moz and Liam are already turning into good friends!  At first Mozzie was super jealous and would only have accidents in Liam's room, but now Mozzie realizes liam is messy and if he follows him around he can clean up his messes.  Gross! For More on this refer to .. (2nd story down)

Mozzie looking nice after his hair cut!
Mozzie looking like a mess after his walk and playing outside!

This is our favorite game to play with Mozzie!  He loves playing with his ball and is surprisingly good with it!  ENJOY! 

Mozzie also loves to howl and sing!  

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Reminiscing our fall wedding & Celebrating 3 years!

I absolutely love fall!  And that is why three years ago as of Yesterday I was married in the fall and had my dream 'fall' wedding!   Here are some of my wedding memories that I will cherish forever!

Oh you know you love the golf cart!  ( ;

Sunday, September 23, 2012


I had quite the experience the other day at wal-mart and definitely will never forget this day as long as I live.  It was my own little "pay it forward" situation except I would of thought it was me who got to help someone, not someone helping me.

To explain a little better I have to start by saying I had just come from the Dr.'s where Liam had his 4 month appointment and ouchy shots!  To be honest he was much braver than me and as soon as the nurses left the room I started bawling.  I hate seeing my little guy having to be poked by scary needles, probably more than he does.  Well anyway that's besides the point, and to get back on track the Dr. recommended I start him on some rice cereal and gradually work in some solids to his diet.

Now the story gets good as we head over to Wal-Mart...

I strolled through Wal-mart browsing and thinking, "I can't believe my baby boys old enough for rice cereal already!"  I continued my stroll browsing finally grabbed my rice cereal and some other things I needed and headed to check out.    I swiped my card and it didn't go through.  I swear I had enough money in my account but for some reason my card was just being dumb.  I tried it a few more times, and the cashier tried it by hand to no avail.  There was already two woman behind me and I was getting a little flustered but just kept crossing my fingers it would work.  The cashier told me there was an ATM I could try so I ran over and tried to withdraw the money only to find out that ATM didn't work with my bankcard.  At this point I just accepted I would have to leave my groceries, drive to my bank, get cash and come back to pay.

(side note: Liam still wasn't too happy from his shots and started to cry only furthering my anxiety about getting out of there asap.)

As I was walking back the lady two people behind me (that had already gone through a different check out line) walked up to me and asked if it worked.  I said no and before I knew what was happening she shoved a $50 dollar bill in my hand.  I literally jumped back saying, "OH no no no I really am ok, please no!."  She insisted and shoved it back in my hands while walking away and calling over her shoulder, "I know you'll pay it forward."  I instantly started bawling partly because I was embarrassed and partly because I was so touched!  Through my sobs I mouthed, "thank you."

Oh how I wish it were the end of the story but oh no...

There was another very kind older woman right behind me in line looking at the cashier saying, "now that was cool, people are so good."  I was just standing there waiting for her to finish so I could go back and pay for my groceries now holding Liam while tears are streaming down both our cheeks.    I think the older woman was so touched by the previously lady she wanted to join in on the giving and hands me $20 bucks.  I swear to you right than and there I could have died.  I looked at her and insisted I was fine, "please, please, no I can't I really am ok!" I kept saying.  Of course she kept walking away saying, "no I have been there before and I want to help that cute baby, please."  At this point I had two options..

1. Run her down, tackle her, shove the money in her purse and run away.
2. Accept the money,  and let her feel good about helping a young mother with a crying infant who's card wouldn't work at the store.

I chose the latter.  Trust me it was painful.  As I turned toward the cashier another woman looked at me and asked if i was ok.  I almost screamed, "please don't give me any money!"  ha but luckily with understanding eyes she just said, "oh is it just one of those days?"  I nodded and with more tears streaming down my face I turned towards the uncomfortable cashier finally paid and went on my way.

I had a huge lesson today on the kindness of others.  I can't believe that not only one but two people were so willing to help me.  As I drove home I kept thinking why me?  I really am not struggling, why couldn't it have been someone that really needed it?  I know acts of kindness or service are just as beneficial to the giver as they are the receiver.  I definitely believe this was the case and if anything the lesson I learned will stick with me the rest of my life.  I have resolved to keep some extra cash in my wallet so that when I run into a person in need I can pay it forward!  Also if I ever get stuck at a register and my card won't work I will have an alternate method of payment!

The entire time I was going through my wal-mart saga I kept thinking back of a pay it forward video I used to watch as a kid.  I found this clip on youtube of the video I loved watching growing up, and through seminary.  It's not the best quality but you get the message.  The entire video is great but the part most relevant to my situation is between 2:45-4:40, but truly the entire short video is such a great message!

Happy Sunday!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Motherhood is Messy

Title: It's a bird, It's a plane, No it's Liam peeing all over me!
This morning I was playing with Liam in my bedroom on the bed.  I especially love playing with him in the mornings because he is so happy and talkative.  I needed to change his diaper and was feeling lazy so instead of moving him I just grabbed the diapers and wipes and was gonna change him real quick on the bed.  Everything was going great until I turned my head for 1 second to see what Mozzie had just brought in the room and ...It started to rain.  Not just a little sprinkle..full blown cats and dogs coming down on me, my bed and worst of all my pillow.  I tried to keep calm but my emotions flowed free as I started screaming,"ahhhhh nooooo!!!"  Liam was unfazed and kept it coming like a fire hydrant!  When he was finished he looked at my horror stricken face and just laughed.  I am pretty sure Mozzie and him planned that one, sneaky little stinks.  

Well when i cleaned him up and picked him up he decided to spit up all over himself, myself, the floor, and Mozzies head.  

Well played lil'liam, well played.

For my next messy story you might want a garbage can near by because you might throw up.  

The Title: Mozzie's going to die
We have been letting Liam spend a lot more time in his bumbo now that he is getting so good at sitting up.  Sometimes he likes it and sometimes he don't. Sometimes I take him out and sometimes I won't.  hehe Sorry back to the story.  All of a sudden I hear him start packing his diaper full of loveliness and with his little hiney squished in the bumbo it is a guaranteed blow out!  Sure enough I pick him up and there was a lovely little poo puddle in the bottom.  So I left the bumbo on the floor to go clean up Liam first before I tackled that lovely mess.  In the middle of wiping down Liam Mozzie walked in and my heart sunk to the very deep down dark depths of my tummy.  If there is one thing Mozzie loves, it is to clean up any mess left on the floor.  I sprinted as fast as my little legs could carry me back to the bumbo and sure enough it was perfectly clean, it even shined.  Now I started to dry heave a little, got Mozzie outside, and waited for him to show signs of death.  He just looked at me through the window like, "well that's not a very nice thank you for cleaning up your little humans messes!  Sheesh you humans need to learn a thing or two about cleanliness."  

Well I am happy to report Mozzie didn't die but I don't think I will ever look at him the same.  But regardless he is still my Mozzie and I love him and grateful for his willingness to clean even when it makes me want to puke.  

The End! (or at least for the next minute or so until some other mess comes upon me)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My adorable drooling 4 Month Old

Is it 4 months already?  Oh man how time flies!  Here is our darling little 4 month old!  All these pictures look similar because he would only sit still for a few moments so I snapped them all at once!  He is always on the move and looking around at what's going on!  He is sleeping like a champ and is the happiest in the mornings.  My favorite part of the day is going and getting him out of his crib and seeing his beautiful smiling face!  He also rolled over for the first time a few nights ago and loves to stand up with some help.  He hates his car seat and will arch his back and use his head and legs to block himself from settling in.  He also drools buckets and buckets and spits up all over his mommy and daddy.  His favorite is turning his head at just the right moment so it all goes down inside my shirt....mmmm I love warm spit up baths.  

 Liam: Hey Mom let me drool on you..
Me: No stay back drool monster!

Monday, September 17, 2012

A day in the life

So this summer has been a crash course in yard work for us!  Jason was a little more educated and we were blessed he had a knowledge of sprinkler systems and such or we would have been in trouble.  We have quite a large yard and it has been a huge learning process.  My mom helped me get some flowers in our beds and they have done really well!  Our petunias and I can't remember how to spell the smaller flower have just exploded!
 We have also tried planting some bushes to fill in along the sides of the house.  They have not done so well.  I believe it is called Golden splash.  I started researching online to see if I was over watering or under watering and basically it said this is one of the most adaptable plants and should be fine with whatever.  That was a shot to my gardening self esteem!  I can't even keep one of the most durable plants alive?  I must be a failure!  
Weird thing is in my other bed they are doing great!  We will just have to see if they come back to life next year I guess.  You can also see in this lower picture my red bush is doing well, but the small yellow ones at the back have been struggling.  Not sure they will make it through the winter.  
 The front bed is a work and progress but it's coming along.  I have some ideas for it next year that I am pretty excited about!

 My flower pots have also done really well!  The hardest part for me is trimming them back but I know when I do they will be prettier in the weeks to come!
 Most of our neighbors have gardens this summer and we have been blessed with tons of fruit and vegetables.  We got a bag of Peaches the other day and I decided to make freezer jam.  I have never done it before but I looked it up online and realized how easy it was!  All my friends and neighbors have been canning like crazy too and I was feeling a little un-domestic so this is my attempt at canning.. Ha I was extremely proud of myself, even if it was just freezer jam with 3 or 4 steps!  As you can see a lot of my fruit migrated to the top of my jars and I guess that is because how ripe it was, but it still taste awesome!  Do you know how much sugar is in freezer jam?  I am pretty sure you could make anything into freezer jam and it would taste good because of all the sugar!  3 cheers for sugar!  whoop! whoop! whoop!
 My other domestic activity and exciting new task is I joined a card club!  I am very excited/intimidated/ this will be fun/what am I thinking I am not crafty?  12 women make 12 cards each month than get together and exchange them.  I got to cheat the first month because my friend had a set all cut out and ready to go but they needed to be assembled.  She donated them to me to help me get started!  So mine is in the far right bottom corner with the blue tag.  It was way fun getting all the cards though and I love  sending cards to people but then I remember that I stink at crafty things and want to run to hallmark and just buy 12 to pass out!  Wish me luck this month, hopefully I can pull it off!
 Jason's fun new thing is he is an assistant coach for little league 11-12 year olds.  He has been loving it and it is fun to go to his games and cheer them on!  
 My two handsome boys!  

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Liam makes a visit to The Big Apple!

So we just had a fun adventure last week.  Jason had some business in NYC so we decided to make it a family trip and take Liam.  There were definitely ups and downs but we survived and Liam did really good.  Some people have told us that this is the best time to travel before they are mobile and don't want to sit on the plane and I think they have a point.  Liam only got fussy a few times but slept majority of the flight.  The worst part is just the anxiety feeling you get when he starts to cry and you are not sure what is going to happen.
Here we are getting ready to board.  Looking good guys!
 On the plane ready to go.  Of course at this point you are getting 1 of 2 looks from everybody.  The 1st "oh that's a cute baby, but please don't let me be sitting by them."  The 2nd "Oh crap there's a baby on board!"  I totally sympathized with these poor defenseless people because I have thought both of those things!  Only time would tell if this would be the most miserable 4 hour flight of their life...or if we would all be pleasantly surprised by this babies amazing demeanor.  Luckily it was the latter.
 Here Liam is in his first Taxi ride!  Liam: Taxi ride?  I thought we were on a roller coaster or bumper cars!  Me: yeah that's how I feel too, but luckily I got through the motion sickness and we all survived!
 We got this hat for Liam a few weeks ago before the trip at H&M.  We knew we were going to Newsies and couldn't resist.  and look how stinking cute he is in it?!  
 The play was amazing!  Too bad Liam couldn't come but we were lucky enough to have some friends watch him while we went.  Thanks Tom and Joann!
 The people Jason came to do work with have a daughter that lives on Manhattan and made a dinner reservation at this fun place for us all.  When we were trying to find it we knew we were on the right street but there was absolutely zero signs of any restaurant.  We kept walking around and finally noticed a back door to a garden area open with sounds of a group of people.  Sure enough that was it.  You would have no idea this place was there unless someone told you, and even then you would have doubts.  There are no front doors, signs, or anything.  Needless to say the food was incredible!  I was a little nervous ordering because the way everything was prepared was completely new to me, using ingredients I have never heard of, but I was in heaven when it all came out.  Delicious.  This picture is also deceiving.  We had our own room downstairs away from the chaos upstairs but it was literally lit by candlelight.   The flash on my camera lit up the entire little room, otherwise it took a while for your eyes to adjust.  But it was really fun and cozy, and created a cool mood.  I will definitely be going back next time we visit.
 Liam spent a lot of time in the Baby Bjourn throughout the duration of the trip.  It was much easier then trying to roll the stroller through crowds of people.  Jason wore it pretty much the entire time, and he looked darn right sexy doing it!  Work it honey!
I was designated photographer. 

 Waffles and Dinges!  Yumm I highly recommend finding their truck if you are in Manhattan.
 My two handsome men!
 We stayed next to Bryant Park this trip.  It was a fun location, mostly because I love the garment district.  Even though I would never buy any of the designer clothes I sure do love looking at them!  

 Parsons school of Design
Some fun trivia about Jason is that he loves stadiums!  He will come back from his business ventures with pictures of basketball arenas, and football stadiums he visited in his free time.  So when other people are going to see historic sites, landmarks and such he is visiting sports sites.  I will have him do a blog post about it in the future because he literally has hundreds of pictures.  So of course we had to go see Madison Square Garden and get pictures of him and Liam.  He was so excited!  Liam was excited too, he just wont realize it until he is older.  ( ;
 We took a walk down the Hi-Line walk.  I had never been but it was really cool.  It is a great way to see the city!

 We walked past this building and I had to do a double take at the window!  haha I finally figured out it was a statue but it was pretty funny.
 I love this picture.  Jas is truly embracing the Baby Bjourn with his hand on his hip and everything!
 We had to get a pick in front of the Newsies sign with Liam in his hat of course!  You can see Liam is very thrilled to be there!
 A beautiful view of the city from Central Park
 Jas and I looking a little run down and tired.  I think this is the only pick we got together.
Oh my how things change when you have a little one.  All your focus and energy goes to them and honestly I wouldn't have it any other way.
 Cute feet poking out and Yes I did have to kiss them!
 Liam: Mom I am sick of pictures.
Me: Ok well I just have to get a picture of you being sick of pictures because you look so cute. ( :

 Strolling down 5th Ave.  where we saw...
 The Rock
 St. Patricks Cathedral getting a face lift.
 I always forget what this is called but I call it "Strong man next to the Rock."
 Liam enjoying every second!
 He made it to Times Square!  Chipper as ever and ready to party!  Ha I don't think he will think this trip counts so we will take him when he is older and more alert!
Overall we had a really fun trip and I learned that there are actually a ton of really awesome and nice New Yorkers.  We had a few instances on subways, taxis, and restaurants that people were especially kind and helpful to us because we had a baby!  So Thanks New York, I am sure we will be back soon!