Sunday, April 25, 2010

2 more weeks

It definitely has been a while since we have last posted anything on our BLOG!!! Safe to say now there is one more full week of school before finals and we are super excited for some warm weather and the adventures that lie ahead of us!! We can't wait to head out on our so called "real honeymoon" in 2 weeks to mexico - it will be soooo nice to relax before the hard work and sweat that will come from our summer in Arkansas!!

We have been married now for over 7 months..craziness but of course happiness! I don't know how Janae puts up with me but she does and continues to be amazing each and every day - she never ceases to amaze me!! I have learned so much from her through being a wife, role model for the kids she works with, callings, school, church etc..the list goes on!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

JCOM - Assignment

Dolphin Pic: 1. Copied layer 2. Adjusted the color balance to give the water a better color and look more natural. 3. Put everything but the water back to it's original color. 4. Changed the exposure to not only brighten up the whole picture but make the water look even better,and burned certain areas to make it blend better.

JCOM - Assignment

Hat picture - 1. Copied layer 2.Changed the brightness and contrast to have us stick out with less distractions in the picture. 3. Changed the picture to become Black and White and then adjusted the picture and the colors. 4. Used the Lasso tool and different eraser sizes to edit and shape around the hats to give them the edited/brightened color.