Sunday, May 1, 2011

Finger Update!

My finger is healing slowly but surely! The big nasty clot came off but it is still very tender!

Ha i added this pic because i thought it was funny. Jas took it when i thought he was taking a pic of my finger. Silly boy! hmm I wonder what I am thinking???

5k Race against Child Abuse

Yesterday we had the opportunity to participate in the 5k race against child abuse! Mom even came up to help support and we had a really good time. The race took place in Wellsville and it was a beautiful route! I really want to live there now! Jason creamed me and Mom and came in about 20 minutes before us. I stuck with Mom the whole race and we had a lot of fun talking and passing all the cows, horses, streams and people cheering us on! I am really proud of how good my mom did being 56! She was a trooper!!

Mom and I coming in strong to the finish line!!!
My Amazingly attractive husband! oh and me.. i think we look pretty cool with our numbers on!
We did it! not sure why Mom is doing a loser sign, but i think she meant to do a #1! haha