Thursday, April 19, 2012

Trading in the book bag for a diaper bag!

 It's official, I am graduating in May Class of 2012!!!  This about sums up my feelings!
(no unborn babies were harmed in the making of this photo.  The angle makes me look higher than I actually am.)  
So excited to be finally done this May!  I will have graduated in Family, Consumer, & Human Development!  For those of you who don't know what this is it is NOT home EC.  I have taken human development classes that range from conception, early childhood development, mid childhood development, adolescence, adulthood all the way to death.  I have also studied every aspect of families from cultural differences, sexuality, policy making, and how to develop programs in communities to assist families.  Many of my peers want to become marriage and family therapist, counselors, social workers, family life educators, and early childhood development specialist.  I have absolutely loved my major and learned a ton.  I have also had the opportunity to get my Gerontology Certificate, as well as be certified in UMET (United Marriage Education Training), and Family Life Education.  I have had some awesome Practicum opportunities that included being supervisor over childcare at the Family Literacy Center, and being a REACH Peer on campus.  As a REACH peer I had the opportunity to work one on one with other students teaching skills to cope with anxiety, depression, communication, relationships, and a lot of other skills that everyone can benefit from.  This was all done under a supervisor in the counseling center and I can't believe the experience I have gained and how much I have learned.  I have never heard of a undergraduate program that lets you do this kind of work with clients and it has been incredible!  I have definitely been pushed past my expectations in so many ways and it has helped me grow a ton.  
My experience at Utah State University has been amazing.  I love this University as well as Logan and am so happy I have the opportunity to continue to live here.  I'm super proud to be an Aggie and can't wait to continue supporting USU!
 My lil' Aggie

So now what?  Well I guess that is pretty obvious but I am trading in the book bag for a diaper bag and couldn't be more excited.  I am entering an entire new phase of learning and its all hands on.  As much as I have studied about children and their development I am very aware that children are not textbook!  I also have a home to take care of including a ton of yard work.  I will be learning so much and am grateful for a husband and mother that can teach me what to do.  Of course it will be a lot easier when I can actually bend over to do most of it.  

Things are going well in the pregnancy besides not being able to breath, sleep, or eat very much.  haha I am definitely getting restless with wanting to have our sweet little boy.  The thought of being able to lay down without pain sounds pretty much like the most wonderful thing in the world.  We have a few more preparations to make but things are coming along and I don't think its possible to be completely prepared to have a brand new baby!  ( :  We are so excited!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Introducing Mozzie!

Bringing Home Mozzie!  He definitely loves Jason and gets spoiled by him. Also now I have to fight for Jason's attention a little harder.  Im in BIG trouble when Liam arrives!  haha but actually I love it.  Getting a dog was a decision we thought about for a long time and I am so happy Jason was just as excited as I was about it!  Its been a huge blessing and makes training easier when we work as a team.  
Mozzie with his favorite toy.  He loves to chew like most puppies but I think it will be the most difficult  part of training.  If anyone has any advice let us know.  I am pretty sure I am actually his favorite chew toy, but this little green thing comes in close second.  
Stephanie came over and snapped some shots of Mozzie the first few days we had him.  They turned out darling and were fun for Easter.

 Mozzie's cute little back feet are white.  I love them.  
Mozzie loves shoes.  One morning when I was getting ready he collected all the shoes laying around and put them in his bed.  He is definitely going to keep me motivated to keep everything picked up.  
Having a puppy is a lot of hard work but we love him so much and are being patient in our training.  He really is a great dog, and I am excited for him to meet our baby boy soon.  He is a wonderful addition to our family and makes our home a little more exciting.  

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Recent Happenings

Jason celebrated his 25th birthday! (4/5) We didn't have any candles so he had one giant candle!  
 Our darling niece Alyvia got baptized and I was able to give a short talk on the Holy Ghost.  It was such a special experience, and I am grateful for the opportunity to participate!
 I had a baby shower down at my parents and had so much fun seeing everyone!  Here's a pic of Ari, Lexi and I.  I wish I had more pics, but it really was wonderful and I am so grateful for everyone that came and supported me!  
 Also today was Easer and so wonderful.  I don't have any pictures but I thought these flowers were beautiful and reminded me of spring.  My parents came up to celebrate Easter with us and it was great.  I am so glad they came, and can't wait to have more family come visit.  

Making our House a Home

The last few weeks have been full of cleaning, painting, organizing, and a whole lot of work!  We are so grateful for all the help of our friends and family.  We are truly blessed and especially being 7-8 months pregnant I can't express how thankful I am.  

Kitchen Before
 Living room before
 In the process of being painted,  the boys hard at work!

Jason resting while trying to paint the tuff spots!

Living room after, we still have some stuff to hang up but definitely an improvement!


downstairs family room before
 Bedroom before

 After, with some work left to do.
 My favorite room in the house!  Liams!
 downstairs guest room
We still have a lot of work to do but it is coming along!  Jason has worked the hardest trying to get it ready and balancing work with house work!  He is so amazing and I am grateful for all he has accomplished these past few weeks.