Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Pics

One of my best friends up here at Utah State named Stephanie Hyde is an incredibly talented photographer in the making! She took some pictures of me and Jas for our Christmas card and here are just some of my fav's! It was absolutely freezing when we took these and Jason was such a good sport running around and doing what steph and I told him. We had a lot of fun, and I am really excited about how the pics turned out.

We were trying to get the Logan temple in the background but it's kinds small. Its still beautiful though!

Go Aggies!! This is on campus at Old Main!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!! We are so excited for our little break and the opportunity to spend time with family, each other, and making memories! We are thankful to have survived the little blizzard and the 8 inches we received yesterday!! Will post pictures soon...

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Closer to a real "Break"

Snow....Snow.....Snow... It is finally here and in full force as it so proudly affecting me and Janae driving back from different locations to meet back up in Logan!! It was pretty sweet how my 3 hour drive turned into a 4 and half hour drive..plenty of time to ponder, pray, and hope nothing bad happens to anyone with the messy weather!! Nae is getting close to home and I'm praying like crazy that everything will be alright..bless her heart for making the drive alone and in the snow.she's the greatest!! School is coming along for both of us as we are doing all we can go get through this semester alive!! Thanksgiving and Christmas break will be very much needed and enjoyed on all levels, I cannot wait!

I was able to go out to Roosevelt this weekend for a cool opportunity to do a class on the Taizhong, Taiwan missionaries that were called there for their Stake mission weekend. It was a lot of fun acting as a little mission president and talking to them about the mission, people, food, culture, etc.. Having received the invite to do this for quite some time it brought back so much reflection and gratitude to my savior and father in heaven for the mission I was called to serve and labor in. It has greatly enriched and blessed my life more than I could ever imagine. Not only on the gospel standpoint but I have gained brothers and hero's throughout that 2 year experience that continue to lead by example and help me more than they know in my every day life. It truly is the greatest mission on earth and I think about it everyday!! Hard to believe I have already been home for 2 and half years..sheeesh!

Tomorrow is Sunday which means spending time with Janae..YES - we have grown to love cooking meals with each other - obviously she is the better cook and is super patient with my inabilities to do some things but it is always a blast to see what we can come up with! Outside of that obviously it is a day of rest and worship which will happily be starting at 6:30 in the morning! Things are going great and I could not be happier with life..we are continually blessed and I'm sure it is even more than we realize! Always need to cherish every memory and moment you have with those you love and cherish..make them special and think of ways to make that person as happy as can be. True happiness comes as you labor and serve for the happiness of others!! TTTF

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Shout-out to Jason!

When Mandy and I were little we used to call into radio disney like a hundred times until we could get through and then make shout outs to each other or our other friends! So this is my shout-out to my wonderful husband. I have been thinking a lot about what i am grateful for the last few days, especially after the video we posted last night. After church today i realized that i have probably the most amazing husband in the world, and i am so grateful for him. Jason is constantly serving me, and watching out for me. Today was a great example starting early this morning when he had to leave to an early church meeting and came home and recognized how tired i still was so let me know he would set the alarm for a little later so i could sleep. I still pressed snooze even after that and was rushing to get ready for church. I came dashing down the stairs and he gave me some cereal that i could eat in the car, and i was so grateful because i was starving. Come to find out that was his cereal but he knew i was teaching today so he thought it would benefit me more. After church he helped make dinner, and set the table while I was busy taking care of other stuff. I love it because he even had the potatoes on a hot pad, drinks poured and ready, and the silverware on a folded napkin. That may sound silly but it looked so good, and I was so impressed. The best part is today is just one example and this happens everyday. Jason is never thinking of just himself or what he has to do, but what everyone else needs. He's also not just serving me but his family, friends, and most importantly his father in Heaven. I can feel the blessings within our home because of Jason's selflessness. I am so blessed to be his wife, and have the opportunity to learn from his example. THANKS JAS, I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART!

I also had another really awesome experience yesterday. We had the opportunity to go to the temple and while i was waiting for Jason a couple turned around and asked if I was Janae. They guy turned out to be one of Jason's good friends Zach Taylor and his lovely wife Anne-Sophie. Anne is from France and has only been in America a few months. When Jason got there we started talking more and invited them to the Aggie basketball game with us later that night. They agreed and were really excited. I was excited too because i thought it was really cool Anne was from France and wanted to talk to her more about it. Later at the game when we were talking I asked her what her favorite part of living in Logan was, and in my head i was thinking "how could you like it here better then southern france?" (Not that i don't love Logan, but i think most of us agree that southern France sounds amazing!) She answerd really fast and said, "I love the Temple, because there is no Temple in France." I was really taken aback and touched. I did not expect that answer and even though it was so simple, it was obviously very dear to her heart. I am grateful for Anne's example and love of the temple to remind me how blessed I am to always have lived so close to the Temple. This experience really touched me, and was much needed after a week of feeling stressed and having anxiety about school. So thank you Anne-Sophie!

In the Spirit of Thanksgiving