Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring Break Hangover

Well we have been back from spring break for two weeks and it is still really hard to get back into the swing of things. It got me so excited for summer, and warm weather. I am really having a hard time cracking down for the last few weeks of school and pushing through to the end. We had such a fun spring break though! We were lucky enough to go to Disney World and for those of you who know my family you know how big of fanatics we are. Especially my parents, they love that place! My mom is probably one of the most fun people to go with because she has the most energy there! She knows the parks like the back of her hand and is usually one of the last one's to leave, even if it's two in the morning! We got to go with Jared, Emily, Halle, and Eli too and that was so much fun! There was also some new things in the parks that i didn't know about this time. My absolute favorite was they got a new light show on the castle at night. It is hard to explain but basically they have a projector that puts images on the castle and can make it look like its different colors, made of different, materials, pictures of people in the park that day, or like it's shrinking and expanding! I am not doing it justice but it was amazing!!! Also we were surprised by ESPN being in Hollywood studios one of the days we were there! (I'll let Jason blog about that.) and my new favorite thing is in Epcot they set up these Kim Possible missions in all the countries and you have to solve crimes. You get a small cell phone that calls you and sends you video messages of where to go, and what to look for. Things you wouldn't expect if you weren't paying attention are all interactive like doors, window displays, statues! I am not even a kid but i thought it was super cool! An entire window display would spin around revealing some message, that i had passed a ton of times and never noticed before! Way cool!

ooh this is one of my favorite things at animal kingdom. Her name is Di'vine and she comes on stilts on this path with a ton of trees and wraps herself around them so you can hardly see her. I don't know why but I think she is soo cool, and I want to be her! lol

We love Mickey and Minnie!

I love this pic of Emily and Eli in front of the castle!

Oh man, oh man did this little girl make our trip a blast. She is at the perfect age where everything is sooo exciting and magical. She was so much fun to go with! This is her in her signature princess pose!

Haha I love this picture! So Halle's favorite ride was Tower of Terror! I was shocked when I found out! She went on it so many times I lost count, but can you see her and grandma in the back row? LOL!!! You will never find anyone who loves Disney more than these two!!!

Good thing she had a comfy uncle to carry her while she took an afternoon nap!

One of the things we did a lot of this trip is look for hidden mickey's. We had a book to help us but were surprised at how difficult some of them were to find. You can't tell from these pictures because my mom had a good zoom on her camera but a lot of these mickey's are very far away or very small! These are just some of my favorites we found. Can you see them all?

This one's the hardest, mickey is looking through the leaves...

Character Breakfast

Epcot is always beautiful but this year we got to go during the spring garden festival, so they had a lot of extra gardens and characters made out of flowers. It was really beautiful. One of my mom's favorite things is working in the garden with good soil and flowers. She says the best dirt she has ever worked with and seen is at the temple and Disney world. It is true there flowers are always gorgeous and they have the prettiest arrangements in their gardens.

Meet the newest chef of the restaurant in France(Epcot France) Chef Remy! Chef Remy comes out to make sure your meal is going well and visit with everyone at the table! I thought this was so cute, Disney is really good with coming up with little fun things to put in there parks.

We are so blessed to have been able to go, and we had a lot of fun! Thanks to our wonderful family for making it so memorable, love you guys!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Dear Jane and Emily

All the way back in December I came home one day to find a cute little bag of goodies on my door step. Keep in mind this is the Christmas season so getting goody bags from your neighbors is common. I was excited and took the bag in and started to read the note attached. It was one of the nicest thank you notes I have ever received. It talked about how they wouldn't have made it through the semester without me, and how much they would miss me, and hopefully our paths would cross again, and signed love Emily. I immediately got this sick awful feeling inside because I had no idea who this Emily was. Granted I have a sister in law named Emily and a few friends on campus but not to the extent of leaving me this kind of note. What kind of person am I that i can't even remember a person I left this sort of impact on? The weirdest part was there was four dollars attached to the note as well. Over the next few hours of feeling disgust for myself in forgetting this person I took a closer look at the note and saw it was not to Janae, but Jane! A flood of relief washed through me as I realized this person obviously really didn't care for me that much if they didn't even know my name, or this wasn't for me at all. I figured it was probably the second one and a small memory came to mind when a girl showed up at my house returning a textbook to Jane and we found out her apartment was actually behind mine but we both had the apt # 305. So I set out trying to deliver this small goody bag (unfortunately before I found out this was not for me Jason ate some of the goodies) with the nice note and $4 dollars over the next few days but Jane was never home. After the Christmas break I forgot about it for a while...(2 months) and then guiltily found it, (by this time i had to throw away the treats) and tried to take it to Jane again. Someone finally answered but it was not Jane! They informed me the former tenant moved December and they don't know where.
So the point of this whole story is Jane and Emily if you are out there somewhere I still have your $4 dollars and nice note, and I feel so bad Jane never got it! and I hope you don't think Emily was cheap because she did try to give you back your $4 dollars, and if your paths ever do cross again I hope you figure this out and don't hold it against her!