Monday, February 14, 2011

CAUTION: This post may contain mushy, lovey-dovey, sickening confessions of love! Read at your own risk!

Happy Valentines day!!! I have always had a love for V-day and being able to celebrate how much i love all the people in my life. I even love it more now that i get to spend it with my sweetheart! For those of you who know us we are truly a mushy couple, and find joy in making others uncomfortable! hahaha jk we try our best to keep it rated G!
Every Valentines you can count on the lonely people trying to ruin it for the rest of us by whining about how its single awareness day. I think we need to put a stop to that. My family has always made Valentines day a day to celebrate everyone you love including friends and family! You do not need to have a special someone to make Valentines day worthwhile! So if anyone reads this that is single i challenge you to mix it up this valentines day and let all the people you love in your life know it!

Ok well this next part is about my unconditional love for Jason so if you get naustious easy i am warning you to not read anymore!

The first time I met Jas i knew there was something special about him and for weeks i tried to figure out what it was, well turns out he is just the most incredible person in the world! lol He really amazed me in every way possible and i found myself constantly wanting to improve so i was at his level! (I am still working on that) By the time me and Jas were engaged i was so gaga in love I probably scared a lot of people. When we were married i didn't think it was possible to be anymore in love then i was but incredibly I am. Our love has continued to grow and develop in ways that I never imagined. Even though i am still gaga about him i know that over the past months through the good and the bad our love has grown stronger. He has been such an incredible husband to me and i look forward to spending every day with him for the rest of our lives and eternity!

Jason thank you for all you do and making me feel like the most special person in your life every single day! I love you!!!
Happy Valentines Day!

For those of you who did not listen to my advice I apologize for any sickness this may have caused, but maybe you should
listen next time!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Baby Blessings, Logan, Birthdays, and Muskrat...

I am definitely due up to write on here, Janae has been doing awesome on keeping everyone updated and I decided to pay my dues today!! We had the privilege of going and being a part of Jared and Emily's Baby Blessing of Eli Jared Hurtado on Jan. 16th. It was great having Aunt Janene, Uncle Richard, and GPA Stastny all come out not only for this occasion but to see and spend time with the family. Jared did a great job and it was a very spiritual sacrament meeting, they have a great ward. Eli has already grown so much and we can't wait to see more of him and Halle. No one can complain about the food afterwards either!!

Paul, my Dad and I also attended a Jazz game against the Cavs this weekend - it was fun game and we got a steal on lower bowl tickets..way excited as like five of the plays were featured on SportsCenters top 10 that night. So I will post a pic on that too!

On the 29th we were able to head down to SLC for Jer and Jenn's blessing of Cole Preston Nelson - It was so awesome seeing the Floridians and being able to see our nephew for the very first time that day as well. There is such a spirit that comes from these little ones and what they just left before coming to this life! We had a great get together and dinner the night before so it was great to catch up with them..we can't wait to return the favor when we go to Florida in March and spend more time in their promised land!

Janae had her BDAY on Jan. 24th as she wrote about last time and I will post a few pictures of that to show just much she was loved and was able to celebrate her special day. We were super blessed to spend Joan's BDAY with us on Friday as we went to a session in the Logan Temple Fri. with her and Jess followed by a wonderful dinner at our beloved Elements restaurant in Logan. She is still very much young and has more energy than ever..we are grateful for these memories and being able to live in an area where we can still see family and friends within just a few hours of each other!!

Then yesterday and today my parents came up to spend some time in Logan - we visited Hardware Elk Ranch up the canyon in Hyrum to catch a sleigh ride with all of the Elk at the preserve, which was inredible!! WE also convinced them to get their first taste of Sushi at Takara Sushi here in town. The deep friend tasty sensations of pot stickers and sushi made our mouths happy and our stomaches very pleased. Janae has made me quite the lover of sushi and because they were brave they were able to enjoy and love everything they ate as well!! We then hit up the sold out USU vs. BSU basketball game...we absolutely crushed them so they got a very good piece of the Spectrum Magic and the school unity we have here at USU! It was special to have so much fun with our families over the last couple of weeks, a tremendous blessing!!!

Janae saw a little critter scurrying in our backyard so we had to go find out what it hid in our neighbors junk and once we fished it out we found out it was Muskrat, what a creepy tail they have!! Janae wanted to keep it as our pet but it booked it and jumped into the icy river.. you will see the pic of our little friend below too!!

Life, school, and work continue to keep us busy but with our marriage, the gospel, and keeping life interesting we are as happy as ever!! Life is incredible and never fails to bring something new that we can apply, use or work for to help us progress and become who need to be!