Thursday, August 16, 2012

3 months!!!l

I can't believe it's 3 months already!  My sweet little new born bundle is now a crazy, wiggly, smiley, baby boy!  ahhh Time goes too fast for sure!  I'm blessed enough to be able to stay home and enjoy every little second with this guy!  
Some fun new developments are Liam is smiling more and more everyday, his daddy even got a little chuckle out of him the other day.
His favorite thing is just for you to look at him and talk to him!  
He doesn't always cry when he wakes up now.  Many times I will hear him talking in his crib just enjoying the morning.  
He is starting to suck his thumb...not sure how I feel about this but it is cute.
He thinks its hilarious when he has a blow out and you make icky faces while changing it.
He loves to wait until I am confident enough to remove the burp rag and then he spits up all over me.
Pretty much whenever he is awake he is moving like a crazy person and looking around.
He loves mirrors, and to walk around up high on your shoulder or in a carrier looking around.
He loves watching the computer screen or movies on the tv.  
He falls asleep pretty much every time we do tummy time!
He is starting to swat and grab at objects!  
He is a 100% flirt..I think he gets it from his father! haha
and drum roll....He is sleeping 6-8 hours every night!  ahhhhhhhhhh I never thought this blessed day would coming!  and I need to publicly apologize for cursing Baby Wise because obviously it didn't work immediately but he did adjust to his schedule and it is going great!  yay!  

 Gettin some good chunk on those thighs!

 Try not to smile when you look at this picture!
 Poor guy has lost almost all his beautiful hair except this little patch!  lol my mullet man!
 These two are finally starting to notice each other!  Liam is starting to grab him and Mozzie was so good and just laid there and let him.  

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Liam's Blessing Day

We blessed our precious Liam this sunday Aug. 5th.  It was such a special day and we are so grateful to all the family and friends who came out to support him!  He is one loved little boy!  His daddy gave him a beautiful blessing and there was a sweet spirit during the entire day.  

Liam of course looked as handsome as ever! 

The Nelson Fam!  We were so glad Tyler could make it being home from his mission only 3 days, but all the other siblings are spread across the country and we missed them.  

The Hurtado's!  Again were grateful to those who made it but missed those who couldn't.

My great friend Marie that made Liam's blessing outfit!  It was darling, I especially love the sandals she crocheted.  

So happy Matt and Taylor could make it!

Our good friends Brenden and Kylie!

We were lucky enough to have 3 of the 5 Isom cousins!  Cortney, Brian, and Brad!

Poor Liam was exhausted after so many pictures and took a great nap later that day!  It was a long but wonderful day!  Thanks for everyones love and support!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Mandy and Andrew's Big Day!

I was so excited for Mandy and Andrew's wedding!  Mandy has been one of my best friends since we were 2 yrs. old and we have done almost everything in life together.  Her and Andrew have dated six years (high school sweethearts) and yesterday they tied the knot!  It was a perfect day and they looked so happy!
Here's my bridesmaid dress and a onsie for Liam I appliqued a pastel yellow tie to with blush colored polka dots.  
 Mr. and Mrs. Woodman!

 I love her dress! It was probably one of my favorite wedding dresses I have ever seen!
 Getting ready for the reception!

 My cute friend Tessie that does wedding flowers and decor with her mom Milli.  I got to work with them for a summer and it was one of my favorite jobs!  They are incredible and their weddings are the prettiest!

All the bridesmaids with the beautiful bride!

Of course the cutest little guest of the evening, Mr. Liam!

 It was a great day, Congrats Mandy and Andrew!
Just as exciting is Jason's brother Tyler got home from his mission yesterday!!!  We are so excited and he is coming up this weekend so we will blog more about it soon!!