Monday, February 20, 2012

My intro to Photography

I have posted quite a bit about my friend Stephanie Hyde and her photography. She recently just got new lights and we thought it would be fun to do a portrait session of each other! I borrowed my dads camera and we got a bunch of hats and scarfs and even put some music on. Steph taught me a ton with camera settings and we just had a blast!

Not to bad for my first time right?  I can't wait to keep practicing!
 Here are a few of the ones Steph took of me.  She does a lot better with different angles and the lighting.  I loved learning from her and am excited to keep learning!

Who doesn't love getting all dolled up and taking fun pictures!  P.S. Steph is moving to Minnesota by the way so if anyones interested in getting family pictures, portraits, or any other type of pictures you should give her a call.  She is very affordable and does a great job.  She recently took some pics of my niece and nephews (the triplets) and also has taken Jas and I family pictures the last couple years.  Check out her blog!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Baby Update

 Jas and I went to a Baby Fair this weekend and had a fun find!  I wanted a cradle but recognized the baby would only be in it for a few months so probably wouldn't buy one.  We saw this one and the lady gave it to us for a steal!  She even included the mattress and bedding that had never been used.  It was perfect and even matched some of the bedding we have already got.  We were so excited, and went to Home Depot right after. We bought some brown paint and silver metallic paint for the metal parts then Jason went to work.  I was sad I couldn't help but I am not supposed to be around the fumes.  He did such a great job though and we love it!!


Look how cute he already looks in his new cradle! haha
Here is a profile shot

Here is a belly shot of 6 Months
This is the opposite view of what I see every time I look down, so if anyone says "oh your small,"  I look down and am like, "are you crazy?"