Monday, September 26, 2011

Falling in Love with Fall!

We had such a wonderful relaxing anniversary away from school and work. I was so happy the leaves are already changing in Park City and its such a great reminder of our fall wedding. It was absolutely beautiful by our hotel and the mountains were splashed with the most beautiful colors. Here are some pictures.
The Marriot Mountainside @ Park City
I Love how this picture turned out with the light coming through the tree.
Going up to the Alpine slide

Jason being a stud as usual and carrying my sled thingy ( ;

Here we go!
We took the scenic drive home and it was gorgeous. I love living in the mountains, and in such a beautiful state! I hope fall lasts as long as possible because I am not ready for the winter!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Top of Utah Marathon! "Revised by Jas face"

For the last 5-6 months my brother Brad and I have been preparing for the Top Of Utah "TOU" Marathon here in Logan, Utah. I know crazy right..what would ever possess us to do something like this on our own!? ha. The desire, motivation, and goal to run a marathon started out when I was a young boy handing out water cups as early as I can remember during the St. George Marathon that passes through my little hometown of Veyo, Utah. I have had two siblings run a marathon before (Ben & Laurie). Brad and I were both not getting any younger so I decided to make a goal of running it this year, miraculously convince Brad to do it with me, and fulfill my talk with action and not allow my dream of running one to never be acted on. I was blessed to live in a valley that is surrounded by beauty which helped motivate me to get out and enjoy the surroundings we were blessed to live by..the losing weight and getting back into shape part helped too :) !!

Here is the Broski and I the night before the race...
We seriously had no idea what was about to hit us physically, mentally, and mother nature"ly."
I heard rain drops as I laid awake most of the night before getting up at 4. As soon as the wheelchairs
took off the down poor or rain began. We were ringing out our shirts, running in water and wet shoes
for the first 14 miles of the race...I know right, LUCKY!!!

This was by far the hardest physical thing I have ever done and the mental part follows pretty close
behind that physical aspect of it all. We supported each other throughout the race, fed off of great people
cheering us on, and finished together.

Here is my Luva and proudest supporter with me after getting home!!! This is my sweet TOU moose medal, I think I was more stoked for the 26.2 sticker!

Here is a video Janae Nae made of Brad and I crossing the finish line. Turn up the volume..she is cheering really loud and I want you to get the full effect of just how much she loves me!!! You are the best babe!!!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Wedding Flashback with Stephanie!

One of my best friends in Logan, Stephanie Hyde is building her photography portfolio and needed some more bridals. She asked me and I agreed BUT I made her get her dress and do it with me! LOL we were both married about two years ago so it was so much fun getting all dressed up again! My mom even came and helped! What we did is Stephanie would take some pictures of me to get the settings all right, then we would switch spots and I would take some of her. hahaha I wonder what all the people who passed us thought of two brides taking pictures of each other! It was really fun and we had a lot of good laughs. We also got a lot of congratulations! ( ; If anyone is looking for a photographer for wedding, family, portraits, babies, you should definitely get in touch with Stephanie! She does an incredible job and is very affordable! Also take time to notice how awesome I did at taking Steph's pictures! haha I was so proud of myself, and Stephanie never got bridals before her wedding so better late then never! Take a look and Enjoy!

I copied the 3 links to her posts with the pictures! Also here is some shots of us having a dress battle at the end of the shoot! We can never be serious longer than 3 seconds! Everyone in our classes and probably most our professors can attest to that!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The joys of life!

This last sunday we got to go to baby Kaison's blessing down in St. George. Kaison belongs to Brad and Meagan Nelson, and he has two siblings Faith and Kelton. They are a darling family and I am so happy we got to go spend time with them over the Labor Day weekend.

Jason's sister Laurie and her husband Brandon also had a baby named Adam this July, but sadly I don't have a picture to post.

This puts us at a grand total of 17 nieces and nephews for Jason and I counting both sides of our family. We love them all so much and they bring so much joy into our lives!

Jason's barrel role on the tube!

Jason kept talking about how he wanted to try a flip on the tube and we all thought he was going to kill himself trying. You should have seen our shocked faces when he actually pulled it off! I was so impressed! This is the second time he did it and it wasn't nearly as good as the first but still pretty cool!