Saturday, August 27, 2011

Lake Powell (aka my favorite place in the world)

We got to squeeze in one short trip to Lake Powell this summer and it was so much fun! My parents, Jared, Emily, Halle, and of course Dash and Morrie. I wish it would of been longer but we still had a blast.
I love this pic of Halle, she looks like such a Diva!
Jason decided he wanted to do my hair one night and spent a lot of time too.
TA'DA this is the finished project. I have to say i was very very impressed! I had no idea Jas could braid hair that good.
The man himself...
We had a lot of fun tubing, here's one with the four of us.
I looked over when we were driving to camp and saw Morrie asleep on Jason like this! hahaha I was laughing so hard!

The doggies liked getting on the tube with us!

We had such a fun trip, thanks to everyone who came! Hope we can go again next year a few more times!!!


Jason had a business trip to New Jersey and New York a few weeks ago and i got to tag a long. At the end of the trip we spent a couple of days in Manhattan and my mom came and met us. We had a lot of fun and did our favorite things to do in New york... Eat (Angelo's Pizza, Del'arte, and Serendipity to name my favorites), Broadway, and site see! Usually in that order! We were able to see a The Adams Family, and Catch Me If You Can on broadway. I especially loved Catch Me If You Can! Now i am obsessed with the whole story and am reading the book now. Here are a few pictures!

I usually have only visited New York in the winter time so it was nice to go in the summer and spend time in central park. It is beautiful and there is so many things to do there! We went back a few times because we loved walking around and listening to the different musicians and watching artists do their thing.
Mmmm I was excited to take Jason to Serendipity. He was very suprised at how small it was and didn't love his food but who cares about the food? It is all about the frozen hot chocolate and it was delicious!

The beautiful Manhattan Temple!
On the ferry in front of the Statue of Liberty
I was also really excited to take Jason to China Town because I thought with his knowing the language and all he could get me some sweet deals on bags! Yeah my plan totally blew up in my face. One of the purse people Jason started talking to was like, "why are you speaking chinese to me, are you a cop?" When the others found out they changed their dialect so he couldn't understand them anymore. O well.. so much for that plan, but he still LOVED china town and we ate some really good soup dumplings. He was also really excited because they were selling dragon fruit so he bought one and had me and my mom try it. It was pretty good!

We also visited Little Italy and that was really cool too. I had never been there either and it was awesome! Over all we had a great trip and I am so grateful we had the opportunity to go together!