Sunday, July 11, 2010

Life in Fayetteville

We have been in Fayetteville a week now and so far I am loving it. Our apartments are ten times better then the ones we were in in North Little Rock. They are decorated really nice, and we have an awesome view of a golf course. The 4th of July was incredible here, we sat on our balcony and could see various firework shows in different cities. Fireworks are not illegal here so there were a ton, and it was beautiful to see. It rained a lot last week, and one day i walked out to the parking lot and water went all the way up to my ankles. I loved it, but all the rain isn't very good for Jason when he's trying to work. One of the high lights of my week is Melanie (one of my best friends out here and personal hair stylist) gave me a new hair make over! I finally got some high lights, and they look awesome! I love them, and i got some new bangs that i also love! I will put up some pics soon! Yesterday i also went yard sailing for the first time. I promised myself i wouldn't get anything, and of course i bought something the first place we stopped. I have wanted a jewelry box for a long time, and i found one i really liked there. Janessa Funk (the queen of crafts out here) and Mel bought some fun stuff and we had a little modge podge party and made some fun projects. I will put up pics of my new jewelry box soon too! This next weeks not going to be quite as fun, mostly jam packed with reading my econ text book! ugh!! I will have pics up ASAP!