Friday, May 5, 2017

The Evolution of our Family Pictures 2010-2016

I love pictures especially family pictures.  I have always been lucky enough to have multiple best friends that are amazingly talented photographers.  I really should try to find a special skill so I can contribute more to my friendships.  haha
My family growing up was terrible at getting family pictures taken and it always frustrated me.  January 2016 before we moved to Australia my mom worked really hard to get our entire family together for family pictures.  It meant so much to all of us especially after we lost Jory.  I am so grateful for those recent family pictures he is in and also saddened deeply it will be the last ones of a complete family.  Not just those pictures but every picture of him has become a treasure.  I get told a lot don't take so may pictures live in the moment!  Well now that I have lost my brother I can safely say as important as it is to enjoy the moment I whole heartedly believe you should take a snap shot too, because its really hard to remember those moments but if you have pictures to remind you your memories will last a lot longer!  So if you haven't had family pics taken in a while don't procrastinate!  Even if you all are together and someone takes a quick pic of you all laughing on the couch do it! Life's short and if one day you have a sister who puts together a slide show of your life I promise she will deeply appreciate every pic you have to offer.
These are some of my favorite from 2010-2016.  To finish it off was our last family pictures taken at Balmoral Beach in New South Whales by the incredibly talented Kelly Crawford.

Logan, Ut 2010 months after we got married.  That is our first apt. behind us. By Stephanie Hyde Photography

Fall 2011 at USU still.  This is a REAL wall that turned this gorgeous orange in the fall with vines hanging from mailboxes.  It was just out front of our townhouse, and this might still be my favorite picture of all time. We also used this photoshoot to announce or pregnancy with Liam!  By Stephanie Hyde Photography
First family photo shoot with Liam in a Poppy covered hill in Logan.  By Stephanie Hyde Photography

Our last family photo shoot in Logan up at First Dam.  Stephanie and I worked super hard to get that canoe there and may have left out some details to our husbands until it was too late and they were forced to attach it to the top of our car using limited resources. haha

Another of my absolute favorites.

I love the light in this shoot.  These were taken by Vanessa Welch photography and is also how we announced our second pregnancy with Michael.

Sweet little Michael first family photos in Disneyland none the less!  It was a hot overwhelming day but I am glad we did it!  By Stephanie Hyde Photography

I love Lake Powell probably more than anywhere else on Earth and was grateful my best friend Mandy got some shots of us there in Summer 2015.  Mandy Woodman Photography

Photo Fly Ut 2016
Our last Hurtado family Picture that I mentioned above.

Balmoral Beach by. Kelly Crawford

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Camping at The Basin

We just celebrated Anzac day in Australia.  Tuesday was a public holiday so we invited a few friends on an overnight camp out in Kuring Gai Chase National Park at The Basin campground.  Before we moved to Australia all I knew was there were some of the most poisonous snakes and spiders in the world so I did not bring one piece of camping equipment.  There was no way I was going to sleep outside.  After living here a year, adjusting, and seeing some of the most gorgeous camping spots in my life I couldn't resist. Luckily we have wonderful friends who were much more optimistic about the camping scene here then I was and loaned us some of their tents, and sleeping bags.
We had such a wonderful time at the Basin campsite.  You can either hike in or catch the ferry from Palm beach which is what we did.  There are wild wallabies bouncing around everywhere, a beautiful lagoon to play in, hikes including one to some amazing petroglyphs around 1000 years old.  At dusk hundreds of bats flew in which I thought was super cool until it was time for bed and the tree we were next to seemed to be their home base and they screeched at each other all night long.  That combined with wallabies and other critters scavenging our camp all night made it a little difficult to sleep but no worries we have kids and don't sleep anyway.  Other than that it was a really great site and the I think everyone had a great time.

Our camp set up in the background.

I love these trees, they are so perfect and beautiful.

One of Jason's hidden talents, making killer tin foil dinners.  It was fun having him teach me.

Early morning sunrise!

Dedicated young fisherman.

Wallaby fight...Kids in the background, "FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT!" LOL

Try to use the picture of the plaque as a guide but this shot is head on legs pointing down towards me.  The plaque describes this scene how the two peoples legs over cross as representing marriage and family.  You cant see above the body figures is a crescent moon and circled by flying wallabies and fish. 

The Lagoon  
Not sure what bird this is but I loved its yellow mask.  It did not love me...took forever to get it to look at me without running away.

Wallaby:  "hmmm maybe she hasn't noticed I stole her kids watermelon...

Wallaby: "aw whatever I am just going to eat it anyway."

Packing up to go when mike passed out from exhaustion after a killer tantrum. 
Our amazing group!

Waiting for the Ferry.  Zzzzz

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Amedee Island, New Caledonia

Amadee Island Snorkeling (Gopro3)
Our last port was Noumea in New Caledonia.  We decided last minute to take a day trip out to Amedee Island from there.  
Our boat docked at a shipping container yard. It was actually kind of pretty with all the different container colors, and there was this wonderful dance group singing, drumming and performing as we pulled into port.  Very cool! 

Amadee Island

So my mom semi warned us there could be some snakes on this island.  Also the staff let us know that don't worry even though they are highly venomous their fangs are at the back of their throat so even if they bite you, you will be fine. Fun right?  I was thinking there is no way we will see one, snakes usually avoid people right? Wrong! I have never seen so many snakes when I was not in a zoo.  They were coiled everywhere under chairs, leaves docks.  They were coming and going from the water pretty frequently.  If Jason would have obtained this knowledge prior I am pretty sure he would have not come or let our children come.  He HATES snakes! He saw one before me as I was coming out of the water and I could tell by his face something was wrong.  He was holding the kids and walking like he was getting off the island immediately.  I am grateful he faced his fear and decided to stay because the rest of the island was wonderful.  

We have also learned that Mikey has zero fear of snakes, and will run towards them or just stand by them as they are coiled watching them intently.  Neither of us were very encouraging which I am pretty sure made him want to do it more.

Can you spy the snake?

Freshly shredded coconut! delicious!

My dream is to own a sail boat some day and sail to all the amazing Islands in the South Pacific.  Loved New Caledonia, can't wait to go back someday hopefully soon.