Friday, May 5, 2017

The Evolution of our Family Pictures 2010-2016

I love pictures especially family pictures.  I have always been lucky enough to have multiple best friends that are amazingly talented photographers.  I really should try to find a special skill so I can contribute more to my friendships.  haha
My family growing up was terrible at getting family pictures taken and it always frustrated me.  January 2016 before we moved to Australia my mom worked really hard to get our entire family together for family pictures.  It meant so much to all of us especially after we lost Jory.  I am so grateful for those recent family pictures he is in and also saddened deeply it will be the last ones of a complete family.  Not just those pictures but every picture of him has become a treasure.  I get told a lot don't take so may pictures live in the moment!  Well now that I have lost my brother I can safely say as important as it is to enjoy the moment I whole heartedly believe you should take a snap shot too, because its really hard to remember those moments but if you have pictures to remind you your memories will last a lot longer!  So if you haven't had family pics taken in a while don't procrastinate!  Even if you all are together and someone takes a quick pic of you all laughing on the couch do it! Life's short and if one day you have a sister who puts together a slide show of your life I promise she will deeply appreciate every pic you have to offer.
These are some of my favorite from 2010-2016.  To finish it off was our last family pictures taken at Balmoral Beach in New South Whales by the incredibly talented Kelly Crawford.

Logan, Ut 2010 months after we got married.  That is our first apt. behind us. By Stephanie Hyde Photography

Fall 2011 at USU still.  This is a REAL wall that turned this gorgeous orange in the fall with vines hanging from mailboxes.  It was just out front of our townhouse, and this might still be my favorite picture of all time. We also used this photoshoot to announce or pregnancy with Liam!  By Stephanie Hyde Photography
First family photo shoot with Liam in a Poppy covered hill in Logan.  By Stephanie Hyde Photography

Our last family photo shoot in Logan up at First Dam.  Stephanie and I worked super hard to get that canoe there and may have left out some details to our husbands until it was too late and they were forced to attach it to the top of our car using limited resources. haha

Another of my absolute favorites.

I love the light in this shoot.  These were taken by Vanessa Welch photography and is also how we announced our second pregnancy with Michael.

Sweet little Michael first family photos in Disneyland none the less!  It was a hot overwhelming day but I am glad we did it!  By Stephanie Hyde Photography

I love Lake Powell probably more than anywhere else on Earth and was grateful my best friend Mandy got some shots of us there in Summer 2015.  Mandy Woodman Photography

Photo Fly Ut 2016
Our last Hurtado family Picture that I mentioned above.

Balmoral Beach by. Kelly Crawford

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