Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Amedee Island, New Caledonia

Amadee Island Snorkeling (Gopro3)
Our last port was Noumea in New Caledonia.  We decided last minute to take a day trip out to Amedee Island from there.  
Our boat docked at a shipping container yard. It was actually kind of pretty with all the different container colors, and there was this wonderful dance group singing, drumming and performing as we pulled into port.  Very cool! 

Amadee Island

So my mom semi warned us there could be some snakes on this island.  Also the staff let us know that don't worry even though they are highly venomous their fangs are at the back of their throat so even if they bite you, you will be fine. Fun right?  I was thinking there is no way we will see one, snakes usually avoid people right? Wrong! I have never seen so many snakes when I was not in a zoo.  They were coiled everywhere under chairs, leaves docks.  They were coming and going from the water pretty frequently.  If Jason would have obtained this knowledge prior I am pretty sure he would have not come or let our children come.  He HATES snakes! He saw one before me as I was coming out of the water and I could tell by his face something was wrong.  He was holding the kids and walking like he was getting off the island immediately.  I am grateful he faced his fear and decided to stay because the rest of the island was wonderful.  

We have also learned that Mikey has zero fear of snakes, and will run towards them or just stand by them as they are coiled watching them intently.  Neither of us were very encouraging which I am pretty sure made him want to do it more.

Can you spy the snake?

Freshly shredded coconut! delicious!

My dream is to own a sail boat some day and sail to all the amazing Islands in the South Pacific.  Loved New Caledonia, can't wait to go back someday hopefully soon.


  1. LOL, Loved the pictures of the snakes! Another great day we had in paradise! Love you, sure wish we were there now!

  2. Just watched this AWESOME video Janae. It was so good, thank you for putting all these together!