Monday, June 21, 2010

Janae's First Post!

I dedicate this post to our loyal followers Selu, and Dana! Big shout out to you too! Woot! Woot! LOL! Anyway this is my first post, because Jason is the creator/manager of this lovely blog. It is just to complicated for me..( : haha but i am willing to learn. I know, I know, this shouldn't be that hard, and I'm sounding like my mother but it really confuses me.
Anyway we have been in Arkansas for over 1 month now! Wow, i can't believe it! I am so surprised how much i have liked it here, even though its over 100 degrees and i feel like I'm in a sauna. Some of the things i have enjoyed the most are seeing fire fly's at night! They are so cool to watch in the little forest area behind our apartments. There are also little cotton tail bunnies that come out in the front of our apartments every night, and like a 5 year old i ALWAYS chase them yelling "BUNNIES!" haha I wonder if our neighbors have noticed? there are also lots of cute turtles and frogs! So me being an animal fanatic i think it is all sooo cool! It is also so incredibly beautiful here, i love all the trees and constantly being surrounded by green! It is quite the change from the stark white winter we experienced the last 8 months in Logan!
We have also made some good friends out here, and had some fun adventures. As nervous as i was to come here, thinking it would be a culture shock, it has been the opposite. Most everyone i meet here is so nice, with a lot of southern hospitality! I love all the diversity, and meeting new people. Most everyone is so willing to help and talk to you about how you like Arkansas. I might even say more than the people in Utah...
While Jason sweats all day knocking doors, i have been working in the office. Sad to say not my favorite job! Not near as fun as working with the kids at the FLC back in Logan! I really miss them. I am also taking a couple online courses that i really underestimated the difficulty and time constraints. Mostly my self control is just lacking. I still am enjoying them though!
Well hows that for a first Post! Way longer than Jason's! haha

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