Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Queenstown, New Zealand Adventures

3 of our incredible adventures while we were in Queenstown!  

The Nevis Swing was a last minute decision.  We had it originally scheduled early on in the trip but because of sever wind it got cancelled.  The last day we were there I ran into a booking shop and asked if there were any spots available which was unlikely.  They just so happened to have 2 so Jas and I jumped on the bus and away we went to the worlds tallest swing.  This took place after our tiny airplane adventure (which I will blog about next) which was one of my biggest fears so for this I am surprisingly calm.  Check out the footage and keep your eyes on Jason.  wink wink.

Queenstown Luge
This was the most fun, family friendly activity.  The kids and grandparents loved it!  I am glad we paid for the maximum amount of rides because they couldn't get enough, and combined with some of the most gorgeous views on earth it was spectacular.  

Shotover Jet, Shotover River
Liam's absolute favorite activity.  I wish we could have done it again.  It was such a rush coming within 1 meter of sheer cliffs, and doing 36o degree spins.  Keep your eye in the bottom left corner of the video when the camera is facing forward you can see Liam's cute hand making the spin signal.  He was 100% smiles and giggles the entire time!


  1. What an amazing trip!!!! I would love to do it all over again!!

  2. LOL, so fun, Yes I want to come next time. xoxo The boat ride looks likes it's a blast!

  3. Oh my gosh, that swing was unbelievable! LOL Was it scary?